Eco-Green® Aluminum Boat Cleaners

Marine cleaning applications are among the most difficult when it comes to removing stubborn deposits and restoring surfaces to that like new appeal. Exposed to corrosive salt, dirt, grease, bird droppings, and other heavy deposits on a daily basis, boats present some of the most challenging surfaces to clean.

In the past, boat cleaning applications were tackled by abrasive, albeit powerful cleaning solutions to dissolve and eliminate these stubborn residues. However, this cleaning power came at a cost. To achieve such powerful results, these detergents were toxic to the user, marine life, and even to the surfaces being cleaned. Today, boat detailers and owners no longer have to worry about the harmful effects of these toxic detergents, as they can opt for Eco-Green®

Eco-Green® for Power and Environmental Safety

Opting for Eco-Green® boat cleaning formulas is not only a smart choice for the detailer or the boat owner, it is a smart choice for the environment. These cleaning solutions are plant-based, non-toxic, and readily biodegradable. When washed off into bodies of water the present no harm to marine life or the environment. And, when applied to boat surfaces, they cause no corrosive damage to the boat.

Produced by Daimer®, a leader in innovative cleaning solutions, Eco-Green® formulas are popular for their safety and their cleaning power. No longer do boat owners have to sacrifice cleaning power to ensure the safety of marine life. Eco-Green® formulas are equally as powerful, if not more so, than comparable toxic detergents. By using specialized Micro-Blasting® technologies, these green chemicals use a unique method of encapsulating and emulsifying hydrocarbon residues and other deposits for complete removal. Better yet, Daimer® offers a host of different formulas for cleaning boat and marine surfaces.

A True Green Aluminum Boat Cleaner

A common material used in boats, even to comprise entire boats, is aluminum. However, aluminum cleaners are often very powerful and toxic. To provide a safe solution for those seeking powerful aluminum cleaner formulas, Daimer® offers a host of formulas including metal and aluminum cleaners, hard surface cleaners, stainless steel shine and protection formulas, degreaser, and more. Additionally, Daimer® is soon to offer one of the industry's only plant-based, non-toxic aluminum boat cleaner formulas - Eco-Green® Boat Wash & Cleaner.

One of the most common residues on aluminum surfaces on boats is grease. The fact is, the best aluminum cleaner for grease removal is Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser. This degreasing formulas is hailed as the best aluminum cleaner due to its unique ability to dissolve grease, breaking the bonds holding grease molecules together. This effectively disperses grease models to be easily washed away. Since Eco-Green® aluminum cleaners cause no harm to the environment, there is no risk posed in washing dissolved grease deposits and solution off of aluminum surfaces.

An aluminum boat cleaner may also need to do more than simply remove residues. After all, preventing residues from depositing in the first place is ideal. As such, Daimer® offers Eco-Green® Rain Repellent & Glass Guard in addition to its aluminum cleaner formulas. This solution leaves a lasting layer of protection on boat windshields and glass surfaces to repel rain, bugs, dirt, and other materials to safely improve conditions while driving your boat.

To find the best aluminum cleaner to remove a range of deposits safely and effectively, Daimer®'s line of Eco-Green® green cleaning products is your ideal source.

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