Breakthrough Green Cleaning Degreasers

Grease is one of the most annoying substances to clean. In the kitchen grease can leave an annoying residue both in the sink, on utensils, on plates, in ovens, on grills, stove tops, ceramic tile, quarry tile, floors, drains, dumpsters, and other kitchen equipment and surfaces. When it comes to changing the oil in one's automobile, a similar residue gets on one's clothes, hands and face. Normal soap or liquid detergents won't be able to effectively get rid of this residue. What is needed to effectively clean grease are cleaning substances known as degreasers.

Harmful chemical-based commercial industrial degreasers work by using chemical compounds to break up the grease, typically formulated at high PH or alkaline. Green degreasers, those that are non-toxic and environmentally safe use natural processes and special chemistry to break up grease. These should be the types of all purpose cleaner degreaser formulas sought by the commercial industrial consumer. This article will assist the consumer in these endeavors by describing some of the most popular and best degreaser formulas on the market. These green cleaning degreasers that are the best on the market include Eco-Green® all natural, plant based super clean degreaser formulas.

Eco-Green® cleaning degreaser is a brand of super clean degreaser solutions made by Daimer, a company specializing in eco-friendly, all natural chemicals or most industries worldwide, and many types of cleaning equipment. Eco-Green® cleaning degreaser is a neutral PH degreaser that not only attacks grease but also freshens up whatever is being cleaned. Eco-Green® cleaning degreasers can also act as de-clogging agents. Eco-Green® cleaning degreaser is also highly effective at attacking grease stains on hard surfaces, such as floors and walls. One combination that works well when cleaning flooring is to spray down Eco-Green® degreaser first then use a floor cleaning machine or equipment, (preferably Daimer's brand of floor cleaning machines).

Another benefit of the best degreaser solutions is they contain a large list of advantages, most important of which includes being biodegradable, non-flammable and non-hazardous. Eco-Green® all purpose cleaner degreaser can work for virtually any type of surface, along with being able to clean rubber or plastic, and is versatile enough to be used in home, commercial and industrial situations.

In conclusion, when grease is a problem, green degreasers are the answers. Of the numbers of green degreasers available the best ones include Eco-Green® , which has unparalleled cleaning power while meeting the highest level of ecological standards and safety. These green cleaning degreasers should be in every utility closet because without them one either has two choices: putting up with the annoyance of leftover grease on whatever they are cleaning or ruining their health by using chemical-based degreasers. One does not have to be 'green' themselves to understand these choices are just not acceptable. What is acceptable is using a super clean degreaser that not only does a good, if not better job of getting rid of grease, but also ensures that the environment will stay healthy and balanced for years to come. To find the best degreaser providing powerful, environmentally-safe results, consult Daimer®.

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