Best Pressure Washers: Commercial & Industrial

Best Pressure Washers: Commercial & Industrial
22 Best Pressure Washers: Commercial & Industrial
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Best Pressure Washers: Commercial & Industrial
Powerful Steam Pressure Washers, Commercial Industrial
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Choosing Best Commercial Pressure Washers That Match Your Cleaning Needs

It is simply impossible to keep up with the extreme challenges posed by commercial and industrial cleaning tasks without using powerful commercial pressure washing machines. Cleaning of industrial and commercial facilities poses a tremendous challenge because the task has to be completed comprehensively and also faster to prevent businesses from being affected. Thankfully, cleaning professionals have lots of choices today, when it comes to choosing pressure washers for commercial cleaning.

It is important to know what precise cleaning tasks you need to target on a regular basis to choose the right type of commercial pressure washer. Do you need a cold pressure washer or will you need the additional power of hot water in your electric pressure washing machines to deal with the stubborn and unyielding deposits? Commercial cold water pressure washers are powerful cleaning machines and deliver solid performance in situations where sheer, raw power can simply blast away dirt and grime from a variety of hard surfaces.

Commercial Pressure Washers Can Deliver Outstanding Cleaning Results

Commercial floors attract stains from food and chemical spills, oils and grease spots, and a host of other materials handled in industrial facilities. Cold water cleaning cannot dislodge stubborn deposits. You need the additional cleaning power of hot water or steam for this purpose. Typically, the best power washers offer hot water, cold water, and steam options.

Do not make the mistake of buying cheap pressure washers available for residential cleaning for your commercial cleaning needs. Industrial and commercial cleaning demands specialized commercial cleaning machines. You simply cannot afford to cut costs while shopping for the best power washers, as in the long term, you will end up spending a lot more by way of maintenance and frequent parts replacements.

Successful cleaning contractors prefer industrial pressure cleaners that are designed for industrial and commercial use, come packed with features that make cleaning not only convenient but also faster, and are priced competitively. The brand name and after-sales service also play an important role while choosing an industrial pressure cleaner.

While talking about commercial pressure washers, the most obvious factor that operators focus on is the pressure level of these machines. While commercial cleaning pressure washers are known for their high pressure levels, too much of pressure is not recommended for some types of cleaning situations. At times, it can be an overwhelming task to know the ideal pressure level for your cleaning needs.

Pressure washer machines, such as the Super Max™ 9000 from Daimer®, are capable of reaching pressure levels of 1,500 psi. At this pressure level, operators are able to handle a variety of cleaning tasks without causing any damage to the surface or the equipment being cleaned. The Super Max™ 9000, one of the best electric pressure washing machines, provides operators the advantage of selecting the water temperature that is most suited for their specific cleaning needs.

Operators who do not really need that level of pressure from their industrial pressure cleaners can choose the Super Max™ 6000, a tri-mode model. In fact, with the heated water and steam options available, the machine delivers impressive results even with low pressures.

The crux of the matter is that it is important to weigh all options available before choosing the right kind of pressure washer for your commercial and industrial cleaning requirements.

Best Pressure Washers for Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

For commercial and industrial cleaning, you need best pressure washers that are going to withstand plenty of punishment and do a thorough job quickly and efficiently. The good news is that you will find several options on the market that are going to meet your needs very well, but you have to know what to look for in order to determine which are the best pressure washers for your needs.

First, you need to ask yourself whether you require cold or hot water pressure washers. Buying a cold water pressure washer may seem like a great idea at the time, but if you need to clean any type of caked on mess you are going to need the cleaning power that only hot water or steam pressure washers can offer. That is the reason why the best pressure waters offer at least both cold and hot water options but preferably all three (known as a tri-mode).

Second, another consideration is whether you can get away with using the cheaper "home" pressure washers on the market. You can find these in plenty of hardware and home improvement stores and for some minor cleaning around your home, such as spraying down your lawn chairs before putting them in storage, they might be sufficient. However, if you need pressure washers for either commercial or industrial cleaning you will find the price savings to be non-existent. In fact, that savings will end up costing you more in the long run.

To lower the prices on those home-version pressure washers, the manufacturers need to create equipment using less expensive materials and that lowers the overall quality of the machine. If you will be doing heavy cleaning with your pressure washers then you need to invest in a quality piece of equipment that will not break down after a year or less. The best pressure washers for you are going to be those considered industrial or commercial grade and which offer reliable and productive service for many years.

Third, you need to be concerned about the amount of pressure delivered by your machine. The psi on pressure washers - even on those labeled commercial and industrial - does vary. Of course, you may not need the strongest psi you can find - too much pressure might even damage some items - but you do want to find the right psi level for your needs. For example, the Super Max™ 9000 is capable of up to 1,500 psi which would provide you with sufficient cleaning power for most of the jobs you will face. Plus, since it's a tri-mode machine, you will be able to select the water temperature most appropriate for the cleaning job at hand which would also boost the effectiveness of the pressure washers.

However, even in a commercial or industrial setting, you may never require that type of psi from your pressure washers. The Super Max 6000, for instance, only has psi capabilities of 750 but that may be plenty for your needs, especially if you are concerned too much pressure could be damaging. Like the Super Max™ 9000 and 7000 models, the 6000 is also a tri-mode pressure washer so you do not necessarily need more power if you have hot water or steam to get the job done.

The bottom line when you are trying to determine which are the best industrial or commercial pressure washers available, then consider all your options in advance so you have a clearer idea of your needs.

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