March 03, 2016

Use an Auto Carpet Shampooer to Eradicate Dirt and Increase ROI

Auto Carpet CleanersCar detailing has become an incredibly lucrative industry as service providers seek to satisfy the demands of clients who own some of the world’s most beautiful luxury and performance cars. Interior detailing is just as important as exterior work, and if you want to do things right in your own company, you will need the best equipment to ensure results that beat your competition. Carpet shampooing is a necessity, but not every shampooing machine is created equal. At Daimer Industries, we can offer you market leading auto detail equipment that cleans and rejuvenates carpet, with results that will leave your customers stunned and coming back for more.

Why is a Car Carpet Shampooer Necessary?

If you’ve ever had to work on a car where the carpet has been neglected, there are a few telltale signs that you would notice. The carpet and mats will be excessively worn on high traffic areas, such as below the pedals and in the central resting area of the floor. Neglected carpet will also lose some of its original feel, as the carpet pile is worn down, and contaminated by dust and debris. Unclean carpet can also absorb and retain odors, making the car interior an uncomfortable place. In the case of fabric upholstery, these characteristics will also be present.

Compared to home or commercial carpet. Auto carpet is subjected to heavier use. Dirt, and debris like stones and other materials, are easily brought into the vehicle. Dirt and debris have a more lasting effect than simply making the carpet unclean, because over time they will act as abrasives that wear down the pile, and cause holes to develop in the carpet. This is why it is so important for vehicle owners to regularly vacuum and shampoo their carpet, and also why it is so important that when you provide this service, you do so by using the best equipment that is available on the market.

Interior car surfaces are also easily contaminated by food and drink stains. As an auto detailer, you will know how difficult it can be to remove food and soda stains, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Our lineup of car carpet extractors can make short work of even the most stubborn stains, thanks to our high quality industrial design and superior components.

Car Detail Equipment from Daimer Industries

Shampooing a carpet can take an unreasonable amount of time if you don’t have an efficient machine. Because we are committed to producing machines that are environmentally friendly, our portable car shampooer machines have been engineered to use less water, without compromising on cleaning ability. Using less water not only provides the advantage of saving your utility costs, but it also means a more eco-friendly product, and faster drying times. In some cases, shampooed upholstery will completely dry within one hour, while auto carpets can dry in under two hours. The efficiency and power of our vacuum extraction method will also ensure that there is no residue left over from either stains, or the cleaning product that is used.

There are two auto carpet shampooer types to choose from when you browse the range. Our entry level unit is a non-heated carpet and upholstery cleaning machine, while the rest of the range uses heated shampooing technology. The non-heated unit has been designed for smaller jobs and non-intensive use. This may be suitable for quick cleanups and smaller vehicles, or vehicle carpet and upholstery with minor soiling. The heated units can be used in intensive commercial applications. A heated treatment can help to ensure that deep residue is removed, to provide the best overall result. Heated treatment can also allow for more effective odor removal. For sensitive fabrics, any of the heated units can be operated in a non-heated mode. To make things more energy efficient, heated units will reach operating temperature within five minutes of being turned on.

Whenever you purchase a car upholstery cleaning machine from us, you will receive a high quality wand attachment for your unit. While some of the competition will charge extra for a wand, we include ours because it’s the best possible pairing for the machine that you’re purchasing. The spray nozzle and vacuum wand are incorporated into a single unit, and connecting the hoses is achieved in a matter of seconds. The highly durable wands are designed to provide the easiest motion over carpet and upholstery in your clients’ vehicles.

Choose the Best Professional Car Detailing Equipment for Better ROI

Auto Carpet CleanersInvesting in a Daimer machine means that you will be purchasing industry leading technology, with durability that beats out the competition. Commercial and industrial grade components mean that you won’t need to worry about prematurely replacing equipment, so you continue to generate revenue from your unit. The improved return on investment can help you to grow your business with reduced costs, and the superior cleaning results can help you to achieve new and repeat business like you haven’t experienced before.

View our car detail equipment online, and see why we’re globally renowned for the best industrial and commercial cleaning solutions.


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