February 17, 2016

Auto Detailing Equipment to Increase ROI

Auto Detailing EquipmentWhen you start your auto detailing business, you'll quickly learn that you have an abundance of equipment options that you can choose from. You'll find yourself asking questions like, “What all will I need? Are these things enough? Is this item too much? Will I ever get my money's worth out of this purchase?” Without a doubt, there are mistakes that can be made when you don't do your homework in investigating auto detailing equipment – you'll over spend, go with a brand who isn't trustworthy, or choose equipment that could potentially damage your clients' cars due to a lack of quality or misleading information.

Daimer Industries is the leading supplier of auto detailing equipment for businesses of all sizes. Having been in business for 13 years, they are actually the largest supplier of commercial and industrial steam cleaners for automobiles in the entire world. Our products are utilized by the largest and most successful companies, included Hertz Rent a Car, Mercedes-Benz, FedEx, and several others. When you choose Daimer for your auto detailing equipment, you are, without a doubt, choosing to increase your return on investment. Why?

Range of Products Offered

When you consider the vast number of automobiles and cleaning methods used all over the world, you are left unquestionably overwhelmed at the range of products you might need. Here's the great news: at Daimer, we offer all you need in effective, affordable and safe detailing options. You can rest assured that you won't be scavenging the stores for products and pieces to enhance your detailing experience because Daimer has it for you.

We have a range of commercial and industrial grade car pressure washers including heavy duty ice blasters, steam and vapor cleaners for interior and exterior use, with specific emphasis on upholstery type for each machine. You'll never wonder if what you're using is right or not when you consider the information you'll receive on the product (including specific uses and what it comes with) from the get-go.

Our steam cleaners are among the favorite in our selection as they safely utilize hot water and steam in order to make the removal of dirt, grime, grease, oil and other contaminates (on the interior or exterior) easy and quick – all without the use of harsh chemicals.

Our exclusive product, the ice blast machine, is one of the most effective surface cleaners in the industry and is the safe alternative to dry ice blasting. Using crystalline water, you can reduce your operating costs, maintain a safer work environment, reduce your water consumption and remove, clean and rinse your car (and other applications) safely and effectively.

Quality of the Product

Our products are top notch, as is evident by the list of top rated, successful clients who use us. Using our equipment ensures that you will reap the best in results every time you take on a job, which is imperative in terms of customer, client and business growth. Not only that, our equipment is user-friendly and fast, which ensures that you get the job done efficiently, without wasting unnecessary time. While much of our equipment caters toward a certain type of material (say, leather seats on a car interior), much of our equipment is functional across a range of materials, interior or exterior. In these circumstances, your car detailing equipment becomes multifunctional and you eliminate the need for other pieces of equipment, cleaning materials or services.

All of our machines come equipped with innovative features that help make your job easier, more efficient and more effective – like low flow rates and moderate pressure levels on pressure washers. You'll find in your research that most other commercial grade pressure washers come with two pre-sets (low and high) and lack those moderate levels that are often desired in an effort to clean a car's exterior.

Daimer Service and Support

There's no question to us that when you purchase specialized equipment for auto detailing, you're making a lofty financial investment in your business and you want to make sure you'll get a return. Here's how we look at it: when we sell you a piece of equipment, we understand that you're investing in us as a company – in our product, in the quality of service and support – and we want your repeat business. For that reason, you can trust us to treat your investment with the highest care, and to supply you with exactly what you need at an affordable rate.

Give us a call or visit our web site to talk to any one of our experienced professionals about what pieces of equipment might be right for you. We'll be honest with you in steering you away from the equipment that might not be right for you, so that you can rest assured that what you purchase will prove to increase return on investment.



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