September 11, 2014

The Best Carpet Cleaning Machines for Sale on the Internet—or Anywhere

A beautiful, clean surface is always a thing to behold, especially in commercial or industrial spaces, where foot traffic or heavy machinery can take an incredible tool on even the toughest surfaces and make it difficult to retain the same appeal year after year. There's something unique about carpet, however. While a huge stretch of newly installed carpet can provide tremendous visual appeal, dirty or dingy carpets are the quickest way to make your office or business look older and less inviting to potential clients and returning customers.

A carpet cleaner can help maintain your carpet and keep it closer to its original look. But knowing that purchasing carpet cleaners won't be an everyday buy, how do you make sure that you find the best carpet cleaning machines for sale? How do you keep your carpets looking fresh and new?

Daimer Industries Is about More than Just Carpet Cleaning Machines

The answer is Daimer Industries. We could tell you all about our manufacturing process: how we never sacrifice quality of parts just to save a few dollars, or how we are constantly innovating—always with the end-user and only the end-user in mind. We could also tell you about our extremely competitive prices, maintained through a business strategy that accepts smaller profit margins in order to deliver top-quality products at the best price, relying on volume of sales to sustain our business. (This should also tell you a lot about our open honesty regarding how we operate.)

But we'd like to tell you something more. We'd like to tell you about our people. And while you may think this is an auxiliary component of your purchase, we believe it should be center stage for several reasons. First, we know that most of our customers have expertise in things other than cleaning solutions. You may be a tech magnate or a restaurateur extraordinaire. You may manufacture jet engines or clothes pins. Regardless of what you do, you probably look at cleaning as an afterthought or a simple problem to be solved, not an area in which to invest your time.

At Daimer Industries, we're fine with that. Why? Because we have an exceptionally trained staff to guide you through the purchasing process. This includes being attentive to your exact needs now and helping your project needs in the future, as well as learning about your business. When it comes to browsing our many different models, our experts can point out the sometimes subtle differences between each so that you know exactly what each offers. Best of all, you can believe the advice you get from our assessment and sales staff. They don't operate on product-based commission, meaning they make the exact same amount of money whether you buy our least expensive or most expensive model. For a business owner, that should come as a welcome relief: A company that does not just say it prioritizes consumers but one that demonstrates it, from the manufacturing process through the point of sale.

We're also here for you after the sale. When you need operational advice or have a service question, we are equally as attentive and committed to finding the solution that works best for your business.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines for Your Business

Our professional carpet cleaning machines, manufactured to the demands of commercial and industrial businesses, fall within our XTreme Power product line. With eleven models to choose from, you can compare the features of each to find out what makes the most sense for your carpet cleaning needs. Our carpet cleaners work by injecting water into the carpet after a cleaning solution has been applied to loosen dirt and other grime that can cause carpets to appear dirty even after regular vacuuming. XTreme Power models offer an exceptionally low level of water injection, meaning that your carpets dry far faster than with many other brands, reducing the risk of mold or mildew developing from over-saturated carpets that struggle to dry.

What's more, our carpet cleaning liquids use proprietary formulas such as Eco-Green carpet cleaner. This unique solution has no soap or chemicals, making it safe for all types of carpet. It is also entirely non-toxic and highly biodegradable. Traditional products often leave behind residues or other chemicals, making them a potential safety hazard for your employees, customers, or visitors. Eco-Green resolves all of this issues while also giving you the satisfaction of knowing you selected an environmentally friendly product. It's the best of both worlds—a clean carpet and a clean environment.

You take pride in the appearance of your business. And while carpets are a great way to provide warmth and comfort for your coworkers and patrons, they can also become a liability. A bare concrete floor certainly offers far easier upkeep. But before you give up on the look you want for your business, or accept darkened, dirty carpets as a reality of the choice, remember that Daimer Industries offers industry-leading professional carpet cleaning machines for your commercial and industrial needs. Our experience with developing cleaning machines throughout the commercial and industrial industry means that every product we sell enjoys the technological benefits and advancements we've made throughout our product developments. These are fully evident in our flexible and easy-to-use range of models for carpet cleaning. Brilliant, clean, and safe carpets are just one purchase away.


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