March 24, 2015

Purchase The Best Commercial Carpet Extractor From Daimer

Commercial Carpet ExtractorWhen it comes to your home or your business, one of the most important aspects of it is your carpets. The quality of your carpets and whether or not they have stains or look extremely dirty can play a huge role in how guest and/or customers perceive your business or home. Imagine someone walking in your home just for them to find a large, brown stain awaiting them when they look down. It just does not portray a clean sense of feeling and actually appears as if you do not care about how clean your home or business is. What type of cleaning solution do you use to clean your carpet right now? Is it a store-bought carpet soap? If so, it is probably doing more harm than good to your carpets.

What many people do not realize when they use carpet soap on their carpets is that they are only making the stain disappear on the surface layer of carpet. When they use a towel to try and get the stain out of the carpet, what is actually happening is that the stain is just going deeper into the carpet fibers, which is not actually getting rid of the stain. If you do this, you may find that the stain comes back after just a couple weeks. This is what we in the world of carpet cleaning products like to call ‘wicking’ and is a common occurrence when the stain is not gotten up properly.

However, if your carpets are cleaned correctly, you can eliminate this problem from happen. The key is to get carpet cleaning equipment that actually does the job and does it right, like a commercial carpet extractor. The commercial carpet extractors that we have on our site do an excellent job at getting stains up and getting them up for good. Many people think that carpet extractors commercial are only for that: commercial uses. However, this should not be (and is not) the case. Business owners and residential owners alike should be able to benefit from getting a commercial carpet extractor for sale on our site. Both a heated and non heated commercial carpet extractor can get stains and dirt out of your carpet better than all store-bought products can.

The science behind our affordable commercial carpet extractor is simple; once you wash your carpets with a shampoo specifically designed for carpets, you will then use the best commercial carpet extractor to extract all of the soap and water from your carpets. When it does this, it will also pull up any dirt or grime that may have been pushed down into the carpets by towels or a run-of-the-mill carpet cleaner. We at Daimer’s assure you that each and every product that you buy will be of excellent quality at the best price that we are able to give you.

Purchase a heated commercial carpet extractor from Daimer’s

The difference between a heated and a non-heated portable commercial extractor for carpets is quite simple. A heated carpet extractor is able to reach temperatures that a non-heated extractor cannot. What this means is that a heated extractor may be better able to pull dirt and grime out of a carpet that a non-heated extractor cannot. However, a non-heated extractor should not be discounted just for this. A non-heated extractor still has the ability to fully clean carpets and actually may be the better option for those who do not see a huge amount of traffic every day in their home or business. However, if you do have a business that is very suceptible to dirt and sees a lot of traffic throughout the day, you may want to consider getting a  portable commercial extractor for carpets, similar to those that you see carpet cleaning companies have, like truck mounted commercial carpet extractors.

With a portable extractor, you are getting the benefit of being able to carry the extractor wherever you wish, which allows you more freedom to where you will be getting to clean your carpets. This is extremely beneficial because some commercial carpet cleaning companies do not have this option and will have to drag a long pipe around your home or business that connects to their truck to be able to clean your carpets. This increases the chance of your furniture getting scraped or water getting on areas that you do not want it to be. Not only this, but by getting a carpet extractor you are also saving yourself a ton of money.

Commercial carpet cleaning companies can charge upwards of one hundred dollars a room, which is an insane amount of money to get your carpets cleaned. Instead of spending a ton of money on this, why not spend a small investment (if you can even call it that) and purchase your own? With the purchase of your own extractor, you are providing yourself with the convenience of having your own carpet extractor whenever a stain arises. Everyone knows that when it comes to spills, you have to work as quickly as possible to get the stain out of the carpet and prevent it from staining permanently. This may not be able to be done if you have to wait on a carpet cleaning company to come a clean your home or business. With so many benefits to getting a great carpet extractor, what is stopping you from purchasing one today from Daimer’s? 


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