September 25, 2014

Enjoy Quality and Value with Our Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Everything you need to know about Daimer Industries can be summed up in a few words: low-flow technology. That's not because our entire business revolves around a single innovation, but because that single development can shed light on everything you need to know about our company and how we're able to provide the best quality and value commercial carpet cleaner in the marketplace today. No matter your background, whether you're an expert in the cleaning industry or just looking to get the right product so you can get back to the core of your business, we think you'll appreciate the care and dedication we put into everything we design.

Low-flow technology means that our commercial carpet cleaners use less water than comparable models. This has several implications. For one, it means that you save money by using less water. Second, you get an environmentally conscious solution that respects the reality of limited resources. Third, the water tank in our machines will last longer than similarly sized tanks of others. And fourth, you'll enjoy shorter drying times, which translate into less risk of leaving behind moisture that can develop mold and mildew and potentially ruin your carpets.

These benefits speak loudly to the center of our business—you. Our low-flow technology was the outcrop of research and development that targeted an improved experience for our end user. And while some companies chose to spend research and development funds looking for ways to cut costs, we remain committed to the concept that research and development should result in a better product for the customer, not just the company. That lesson is reflected in low-flow technology, which, after an investment on our part, pays dividends for our consumers on so many levels.

Admittedly, we want to develop the best product because we want to sell the best product. But that's the way a business is supposed to work: The company with the best product in the marketplace benefits from increased sales.

A Commercial Carpet Steamer that Lives up to Expectations

You may have grand expectations for your carpet cleaner. If you've invested significant funds or dedicated large amounts of space to carpet, keeping that carpet looking the way it did when it was installed is no small task. If, up until now, you've relied on more basic methods or cheaper products, you may be disappointed by the slow but steady decline of your carpet. Wear and tear on commercial carpets is concentrated, more often than not, in specific areas that endure heavy foot traffic. This can lead to significant carpet wear in a short period of time.

Before you begin selecting a product to deep clean your carpets, make sure you know a few basics about your situation. In addition to understanding whether you have high-traffic areas and how much surface area they account for, you'll want to know the make up of your threads and whether they're classified as high pile or low pile. Keep in mind the past and future use of your space, as well as the overall climate of your area. This information will help you when it comes to finding and purchasing the right commercial carpet steamer for your business.

You should know that we don't expect our customers to have intimate knowledge of the carpet-cleaning industry. That's why our assessment and sales staff does not work on commission. No matter what product we sell, our sales staff makes the same amount of money. This has huge advantages for our clients. It means that when you ask us to compare several models, we're able to provide you with clear, trustworthy advice. It's just another part of our efforts to tailor every service we offer to the benefit of our consumers.

More about the Industry's Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Daimer Industries offers nine main commercial carpet cleaners. After all, part of offering the best commercial carpet cleaners means offering the best selection, too. All are part of our XTreme Power line but include various capabilities. Our entry-level models are the XTreme Power XPC-5700, XPH-5800T, and XPH 5900I. These smaller models pack impressive power into a compact and mobile frame. With pressures of 120, 170, and 170 pounds per square inch, respectively, they offer a range of power to suit the depth of cleaning your carpeted area requires. The XTreme Power XPH-6400I is a ten-gallon model, which is capable of covering larger areas while still offering ease of mobility.

We also offer larger models that specialize in certain types of pile. For example, our XTreme Power XPH-9650 is the perfect solution for commercial low-pile carpeting. It provides a powerful 500 pounds per square inch of pressure and temperatures of up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. With a 17-gallon tank, it can cover wide areas of carpet before needing to be drained and refilled. Walk-behind models include the XTreme Power XPC-12000 and 12000H. The efficiency of these machines makes them perfect for areas that need regular cleaning. Both offer pressures of up to 220 pounds per square inch, while the 12000 H model has temperatures of up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. The 12000 model heats to up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Both feature 15-gallon tanks.

All of our products come with two gallons of our Eco-Green Carpet Care cleaner, just one more way we put our customers first.


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