December 04, 2015

Commercial Marble Floor Cleaning By Daimer

125836822_xlMarble is a number one choice to use if you want to stand out from a crowd. Most of the office space do not use it as it is expensive but those who do certainly attract business and better human resource to their company. Clean and clear marble is a statement that your company takes care of its employees by providing a better environment to work.

At the same time using marbles in a commercial space can be a difficult task when it comes to cleaning the floor. Although a mop can clean the outside dirt of a marble, the penetrated dirt and smudge cannot be cleaned just by using a mop or brush. Using chemicals, on the other hand, can reveal the marble to harmful substances as they remove the marble polish which gives it a shine.

A commercial marble cleaning machine by Daimer provides a perfect equipment to clean your marble floors. Now you can have a clean floor within few hours after cleaning as the Daimer machine is equipped with suction technology that extracts any residue or water during cleaning.

Daimer commercial marble floor cleaning machine uses and applications

Residential/ Commercial use – To clean bathrooms:

A bathroom is a place which is not only dirty but is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria's. A toilet requires a lot of maintenances to keep the environment clean and healthy. Using Daimer’s commercial marble cleaning equipment can not only clean the washroom area but also make it hygienic. The high pressure combined with hot steam cleans even the hard to reach places making the public toilet squeaky clean.

Commercial hard Floors or Walls:

Commercial and office building can easily get dirty by standing near walls kneeling towards it or placing a hand on it. This accumulated dirt can cause allergies and infections in the workspace which can lead to lower productivity and an unhygienic environment. The Daimer commercial marble cleaning machine can clean dirt and germs off the walls and floors.

You can use marble cleaning machines to easily clean large areas which are expensive and difficult to clean using manpower. Hard floors and other surfaces are impossible to clean thoroughly which is why the machine comes in handy. These large hard floors are easy to clean with the help of marble cleaners.

Residential Marble floor cleaning:

Residential marble floors can have stains and dirt just like in a commercial set up that uses marble floors. The commercial marble cleaning machine can easily clean these stains hence eliminating the need of mopping and scrubbing with chemicals that can make the marbles porous.

Swimming pool or Pond cleaning:

Cleaning swimming and small ponds is a daunting task as dirt and fungus accumulate over a period of time. A marble cleaner by Daimer can easily clean by using a pressure of 1500 PSI and high temperatures that have the ability to remove even the most stubborn stains.  

Window Cleaning:

Cleaning a window may not be on your priority list, but it should certainly be practiced on a regular basis. Like marbles, windows tend to accumulate dirt and seepage too which if untreated can leave a permanent mark on windows. Using a commercial cleaner will not only make the windows squeaky clean but clean inside small crack which cannot be done using a fiber cloth. Clean windows always look good and creates a good impression in a home or work setting.

Construction Equipment Cleaning

With the passage of time, equipment’s can get damaged if not cleaned and maintained properly. The maintenance also includes cleaning the right parts at the right time. Too much cleaning and scrubbing can lead to rust. A perfect solution to clean construction equipment is by using Daimer’s marble cleaning machine which cleans all the dirt, grime and grease.

Brick Cleaning

Cleaning bricks is a difficult task which can easily be solved with pressure washers. Bricks floors with dirt; grime and spray paint are some of the things that require thorough cleaning.

Vehicle Cleaning

The outside and inside of vehicles can have much cleaning required. From the dirt and grime to chewing gum removal is not something that any tool can easily remove. Be it outside or inside the vehicle commercial marble cleaning machine can handle all jobs.

Daimer – First Choice in Powerful Pressure Washers

Daimer® is the most trusted and popular name in the industry and known for its path-breaking cleaning systems that use innovative technologies and high-quality components. After sales service and support are our unique selling proposition because we make sure our customers buy the right product that they can use for the years to come.

DAIMER’s top rated commercial pressure washers are the first choice of commercial facility owners. Daimer sells a line of powerful, efficient pressure washers designed specifically for commercial cleaning applications. One of the most robust applications of these machines happens to be cleaning outdoor locations, specifically marbles, bricks and stones.

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