March 11, 2016

Commercial Steam Cleaner Detail Brushes

Commercial Steam CleanersEveryone uses vacuum cleaners in their homes for cleaning purposes. Generally, these vacuums come equipped with various accessories to help you clean every nook and cranny of your home. There are different types of brushes and attachments that are very useful and handy in reaching even the smallest and hard-to-reach areas. Similarly, in business settings, commercial grade steam cleaners come in handy for deep cleaning purposes to remove grease and grime. Commercial steam cleaners come in a variety of sizes and types. Having the right accessories with the cleaners is of utmost importance. Let’s take a look at what commercial steam cleaners can do for you and the importance of having good quality detail brushes for these cleaners.

What does a commercial steam cleaner do for you?

These are highly effective tools that can help to keep your office or place of business free of dust, grime, bacteria, mold, and pests. Steam cleaners clean, sanitize, deodorize, kill pests, and even disinfect various surfaces without the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. So whether you need to keep a commercial kitchen in pristine condition, clean gym equipment, keep public restrooms germ-free, your office space in sparkling condition, or any other business space clean and tidy, a commercial steam cleaner can provide invaluable help.

To safeguard the health of your employees and visitors, it is essential to not only have a regular cleaning routine, but also a regularly scheduled deep clean routine with a commercial steam cleaner. There are many options of steam cleaners available on the market for this purpose. Choosing what works best for your business and for your cleaning crew will help you get years of good use from it. When choosing a commercial steam cleaner, it is also important to pay attention to the detail brushes that go with it. These are described below.

Detail brushes for commercial steam cleaners

There are generally three types of detail brushes that are most popular with steam cleaner buyers- stainless steel, nylon, and brass. Most cleaners have a detail brush included with the machine or as a separate optional accessory. Depending on your cleaning needs, you may require one or more types of detail brushes. When deciding to purchase a commercial steam cleaner, it is important to factor in the type and quantities of detail brushes that you will need with it. Pricing of detail brushes can vary a lot from one manufacturer to another and these are also designed specifically for the machine you buy. Therefore, keep in mind the cost of ordering detail brushes from the supplier when choosing a steam cleaner.

  • Stainless steel detail brushes - These brushes are durable and abrasive and suitable for tough cleaning jobs. They can be used to clean hardened deposits, dirt, and grime form concrete surfaces, walkways, driveways, etc.
  • Nylon detail brushes - These brushes are very versatile in their use. They do not have bristles that are as abrasive as stainless steel detail brushes, so they can be used to tackle a variety of cleaning needs on virtually any kind of surface. So whether you are looking to clean grout, a tile surface, ceramic, or other delicate surfaces, a nylon detail brush is the right tool to use. You can easily and efficiently remove dirt and deposits with this type of brush.
  • Brass detail brushes - These brushes fall somewhere in between the other two types- they have bristles that are harder than the nylon brushes, but not as hard as stainless steel. These can be particularly useful if you need to remove grease from metal surfaces in a restaurant kitchen for example, or clean carbon buildup from food service grills. These will also help you remove tough stains.

As mentioned before, depending upon your cleaning needs, you will need to replenish detail brushes for your steam cleaner form time to time. Some distributors sell detail brushes for as high a price as $20 per brush. If you do the math, you will quickly realize how much, and how soon you can end up spending a fortune on purchasing these detail brushes. The good news, though, is that you can purchase reasonably priced and great quality detail brushes from Daimer- a global leader in commercial and industrial cleaning equipment.

Due to extremely high sales volume, and our position as industry market leaders, we are able to sell you detail brushes at just a fraction of the cost of other companies- only $2.50 per brush! Our prices ensure that you will not end up spending a fortune on replenishing detail brushes for your commercial grade steam cleaner. We also offer a range of commercial grade steam cleaners with cutting-edge technology at reasonable prices. We never sacrifice quality for price, and you will find that in all our products and services.


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