November 14, 2014

Daimer Industries: The leader in Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Daimer Industries is the number one brand of commercial and industrial carpet cleaning equipment. We produce powerful carpet cleaners with patented technologies and temperatures that reach up to 210 degrees, the industry’s highest.

Our most powerful and highest capacity non-heated commercial carpet cleaner is the XTreme Power XPC-9200. With a 150’ water lifts, 220psi od pressure, and 200 cubic centimeter per minute airflow, the XPC-9200 is powerful and reliable carpet cleaning equipment, more so than any other on the market. The XPC-9200 is ideal for commercial carpet cleaner applications that require a powerful, high-capacity machine, but not the addition power of a steam carpet cleaner. Our product is equipped with the following:

220psi pump pressure
Can accept (does not heat) hot water up to 140° F
Special flow technology for faster drying
A drying time of approximately six hours
Two powerful two-stage vacuum motors
12-inch patented, adjustable carpet cleaner wand included
25 feet long solution and vacuum hoses.
250 and 300 alternative pumps
1600 watts
Dimensions of 21”w. x 38” d. x 30” h
A weight of 110 lbs.

Clean up to 2400 sq. feet with this product and its upgraded 25-foot long hose without moving the machine. Also, if you order any of the XTreme Power 9300, 9600, and 9650 products, we provide a FREE upholstery tool, for a limited time.

We offer the best carpet cleaners in the industry, providing a unique combination of high pressure levels, advanced extraction functions, water temperature options, high quality materials for a longer life-span of your equipment, and Low Flow Technology to drastically lower drying times while keeping the same cleaning power.

Even with the best carpet cleaner in the XTreme Power® line, we recommend spraying carpet with a cleaning liquid prior to using the cleaning machine. Pre-spraying with solution renders the dirt easy to remove, and makes carpet cleaning with both heated and non-heated systems a breeze.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment And The Predicament Of Drying Times

When choosing the best carpet cleaning equipment for commercial use, it's important to think beyond the cleaning power of the machine. The fact is that when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, cleaning power only forms part of the equation, as it is equally important for the cleaner to allow the carpet to dry out quickly. An ordinary carpet steam cleaner generally does a great job though leaves the carpet very damp later on. Often, it takes a day or two for the carpet to dry out thoroughly. However, our XTreme Power® cleaners allows carpets to dry completely in jas quick as six hours.

Daimer Industries: Providing quality professional carpet steam cleaning machines.

Daimer Industries is a private company with our headquarters located in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA. We are recognized all over the world as a leader in innovative, technologically advanced cleaning equipment for either commercial or industrial use for any and every cleaning application. Here at Daimer, we will continue to focus whole-heartedly on full-company excellence to maintain our reputation of offering outstanding quality and excellent customer support services.

Daimer is a major worldwide supplier of the industry’s top line of Kleen Jet steam cleaners, vapor steam cleaners, and other steam cleaning equipment. We also produce the leaders in Super Max commercial and industrial pressure washers (including cold water, hot water, and steam pressure washing machines) as well as XTreme Power floor cleaners (comprising of carpet cleaners, hard surface cleaners, and  Eco-Green Carpet Care, an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning product.

We at Daimer bring some of the most unique and specialized machines to the world of cleaning. In fact, our company offers over seven hundred models, ranging from light commercial to heavy-duty industrial technologies, available in all worldwide power configurations; both 60Hz and 50Hz. We also offer refined, jet-fuel powered and heated machines to both the aviation industry and military. We are a recognized leader in pressure washing equipment engineering and product development as well for those seeking custom industrial solutions. We have developed high-level machines for the military and the oil industry, as well as several others. We are the cleaning equipment provider of markets and industries within the economy, as well as residential users. Many major companies turn to us for their steam cleaning needs; companies such as Dole, Hershey’s, Wrigley, General Electric, and many, many others trust us for their cleaning equipment.

Our company philosophy now is exactly the same as when we started years ago. We strive to:

Offer the industry’s best value for the highest quality commercial and industrial cleaning equipment at low prices (ultimately to achieve a high turnover of sales)
Use the best quality components to ensure maximum quality in our product reliability and permanence.
Never sacrifice quality for price.
Provide responsive and accurate pre-sale guidance to customers to ensure that they purchase the appropriate equipment for their needs.
Maintain a high level of post-sale support and service.


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