November 25, 2014

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The Best Upholstery Cleaning Machines

Everyone has had that moment when they have gotten into a friend’s car or gone into a waiting room and though “Wow, this is really clean!” If you know that feeling, then you understand the difference that a professional cleaning job can make, whether it is in an industrial setting or even something like getting your car detailed. And if you are in the industrial cleaning industry, then you certainly understand what it takes to excel at the profession and what kind of a difference it can make to have the proper equipment. The place to get that equipment is Daimer Industries.

Daimer Car Upholstery Cleaning Machines

We understand all of the work that goes into making a person’s automobile look its best. But the job is about more than just making the car look good; it is also about making the car’s owner feel like they are driving around in a brand new vehicle again. For those reasons and more, it is important for anybody in the auto detailing business to use the best car upholstery cleaning machines.

You need equipment that will be gentle on the material, but also tough enough to remove the grit and grime and the chemicals that you apply to clean and freshen a car inside and out. Daimer offers powerful steam pressure washers for exterior car cleaning, and we have carpet and upholstery cleaners so that you can brighten up the interior of any vehicle. We even offer steam cleaners that are specialized for getting a car’s windows looking perfect, and we offer the necessary chemicals that will help remove stains and dirt.

What If You Need Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Machines?

Daimer still has you covered. We offer a wide array of commercial upholstery cleaning machines that can be used to clean every upholstered product that you can think to imagine. Check out our Xtreme Power series, which offers several different products that will suit just about any purpose and fit into any budget. Each product in the entire line also features a specialized four-inch stainless steel, single jet upholstery tool specifically designed for the hard-to-reach areas in vehicles, on the back side of furniture, or any other places you might encounter. If you are cleaning carpets in addition to upholstery, then you may also be interested in our twelve-inch carpet wand, which is an optional feature that can come in very handy when tackling some larger cleaning applications.

Our Xtreme Power machines are designed to exceed the expectations of everyone that uses them. We know that it is a competitive market in the upholstery cleaning business and that every little advantage can make a big difference for your company. That is why we designed our machines to do more than simply clear away dirt and make upholstery and carpeting look clean. Our machines get in deep to do more than just clean the surface fibers; they get the entire fabric clean, eliminating even the most stubborn spots and stains and leaving your place feeling and smelling fresh.

Some other upholstery cleaning machines rely on inundating the surface with water and overwhelming stains by the sheer volume of liquid they use. While that tactic can be effective and get results, it also inconveniences people and places that want to do things like sit down anytime soon, as the subsequent drying time can approach or exceed an entire day. Daimer machines utilize low flow technology to achieve superior results. Our products will leave your upholstery clean and fresh, and it will be dry in as fast as an hour. After all, what good is having clean upholstery if you have to stay away from it because it is soaking wet? Our quick drying times also improve the health of your home, car, or office because drying quickly nearly eliminates the risk that bacteria, mold, or mildew could build up or flourish in the fibers of your upholstery.

Why Choose Daimer Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Machines?

In addition to the reasons listed above, Daimer products have the versatility that the demanding business of upholstery cleaning requires. Some machines will not remove all types of stains or work on all types of upholstery. Daimer products do. We want to provide quality carpet and upholstery cleaning machines that will fit the needs of every customer that buys from us. Our products have variable pressure and temperature settings, reaching up to 220 psi and 210 degrees Fahrenheit to help you remove deeply embedded stains or stains that prove tough to dissolve.

Daimer also wants to provide products that are green to help protect the environment. It is one of the reasons we use low flow technology, and we also offer a variety of non-toxic cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly and readily biodegradable. These products are suitable for both upholstery and carpeting in cars, homes, or offices.

Daimer wants to be there for your upholstery and carpet cleaning needs. We offer multiple products and machines that can accomplish any job efficiently and effectively. Our products are made affordable, so that they are within the budget limitations of everyone, and we offer many promotional deals and discounts to help pass even more savings along to our customers. We did not become an industry leader by accident. We became an industry leader because we offer the best upholstery cleaning machines, and we want to prove to you that our products are superior.


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