January 07, 2016

The Different Applications for Ice Blast Machines

When it comes to the fine art of cleaning and making sure that we do a thorough job, then blasting is definitely one of the top methods on the list. Why exactly? Because it is not only a great abrasive cleaning method, ice blasting can be carried out without any negative consequences to the environment. If that’s not a good thing, we don’t know what is. Before we go any further, however, what is ice blasting and why it is so important?

What is Ice Blasting?

In terms of cleaning, ice blasting is precisely what it sounds like. There is a good chance you’ve heard of blasting before, but when you hold it up against sand blasting or glass blasting, it is easy to see why you would consider ice to be the winner. First of all, when you use ice, you are using a nozzle that fire either chips from an ice block or ice pellets. These pellets will strike a surface, allowing you to clean it in your own way without worrying about the long buildup of dirt or other residue. Of course you could have done this with any blaster but an ice blaster has several distinct advantages, aside from being eco-friendly.

When the pellets fired from the ice blaster strike the intended surface, they immediately transform from a solid into a gas, and that gas is responsible for loosening the dirt, either knocking it from the surface or at least allowing you to clean it. Because the pellets leave no liquid residue and are non-toxic, they are preferred over most other methods in almost any industry. Sand blasting leaves behind a residue that must be carefully cleaned, and other pressure washing methods could leave electronic unusable until they are dry and would not be affected by the liquid. After an ice blasting, the equipment or surface will be clean, and it will in fact be as if it was never touched. That being the case, what are the most common applications for ice blast machines?

In the Food Industry

The food industry is one that needs a sanitary cleaning solution, and ice blasting is one that they are beginning to prefer. The ice blaster method is quick, clean, and leaves no residue, which is perfect for equipment that must be around any type of food.

Aerospace Industry

Once again, we have a delicate industry that will require a sanitary cleaning method, and there are a great many applications for which it can be used. One of the most common is brake cleaning, in which heavy residue might need to be cleaned from the surface and cannot be managed by hand. There are many other uses in the aerospace industry, and we have barely scratched the surface.

Automotive Industry

Just like the aerospace industry, there are many surfaces that will absolutely require an abrasive cleaning solution. From brakes, to engine parts, there is always something that needs to be cleaned, and ice blasting is up to the challenge.

General Industrial Use

While specific industries are great examples of how useful ice blasting can be, the most common use is in general industry. The cleaning of assembly lines, mobility scooters, wheelchairs and delicate electronic equipment, for instance, is a great example. One of the biggest problems in any industry, especially when it comes to the cleaning of delicate electronics. The use of water, or even the majority of cleaning solutions could cause the machine to short out once it is switched on due to an unintentionally bridged connection. Ice blasting, however, will not bridge those connections because there will literally be nothing left to force that connection. With the ice pellets evaporating on contact, the mess quite literally cleans itself.

On the subject of mess, one of the greatest benefits in any industry is that there is none left behind. In sand blasting, it becomes necessary to clean up the leftover residue, and this causes extra work. In ice blasting, the science manages to do all of the work for you, making it an optimal choice for both efficiency and cleanliness. It’s definitely a strange concept in cleaning, but what you have here is a piece of equipment that ‘just works’, so to speak.

There are many other applications for this cleaning method and you can certainly find one in your own industry. Start looking, and make sure you’re ready to clean up the next big mess.


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