September 17, 2014

Daimer Industries Offers the Best Electric Pressure Washer

Any consumer purchase contains an array of considerations and decisions, both on the part of the seller and the buyer. For the buyer, it is often a simple matter of evaluating what is in front of them: usually an image of a product and a list of features (and, when applicable, a kick of the tires). But for a producer—at least a good one—the process begins long before and continues long after. At Daimer Industries, our production process starts with significant investments in research and development. Over years of our company history, we've developed a long line of products to serve commercial and industrial cleaning needs.

And while some may think that a large line of products leads to an overstretched company, for us the reverse has occurred. We have been able to take small improvements for some devices and transfer those to others. Working across the entire commercial and industrial cleaning universe has allowed us to gain a full understanding of all consumer challenges and all consumer needs. It is how we can be confident in our ability to declare that we offer, for instance, the best electric pressure washer.

Take our attention to a power source. While we have gas- and oil-powered machines, we have made sure to stock a full range of electric pressure washers because many professionals prefer the ease of a plug-and-go system. Additionally, we realize that our customers do not work in a vacuum. Often, they use our devices in and around office buildings, making noise generation an issue. Once again, our developers took this into account when creating a fully electric pressure washer, as the electric motors create less noise than their fossil fuel counterparts. On a related note, electric pressure washers do not generate any exhaust, so they are safe to use in interior spaces.

The Advantages of a Daimler Industries Electric Pressure Washer

We offer eight models of electric pressure washer, with each providing a tailored solution to your cleaning needs. All fall under our Vapor-Flo line of products. The Vapor-Flo 7210 is designed to handle moderate cleaning applications and offer both hot and cold water temperature options. This flexibility, available with other models as well, allows our customers to use their electric pressure washers on surfaces that may not be able to withstand high heat. A one-horsepower motor for the 7210 model offers plenty of power to tackle your cleaning needs, whether it is a routine cold cleaning or a deeper hot clean.

Higher-end models offer more power and more heat for diverse cleaning needs. The Vapor-Flo 7960 provides temperatures as high as 205 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as twenty seconds. It also includes a four-horsepower motor for exceptional cleaning capabilities. Our most powerful model, the Vapor-Flo 8970, is able to generate 2,175 pounds per square inch of pressure through its four-horsepower engine. We even offer two stationary models for those with fixed, long-term electric pressure washer needs.

Between options for rapid, high temperatures and industry-leading power, any cleaning professional will find the best electric pressure washer available today. The fast start-up time for our models can even save you money by limiting the amount of time needed to clean areas and the investment required by your cleaning staff.

Beyond Pressure Washers: Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions from a Brand Recognized around the World

Daimer Industries is the world's leading supplier of commercial and industrial cleaning solutions. This claim is supported by the use of our products in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. But it's not just a wide geography that demonstrates our achievements. We take pride in the fact that our products are trusted by some of the world's largest companies. These include airlines such as US Airways and American Airlines, hotel chains such as Hampton Inns, Red Roof Inns, and J. W. Marriott, and food-service industries like McDonald's and prominent grocer Whole Foods.

Finding cleaning solutions for these companies demonstrates the importance of seeing beyond the sale: We developed top of the line products that attracted their interest, and we continue to improve all our cleaning solutions as a result of their experiences and feedback. Investments to improve our products are not inexpensive, but we operate under a business philosophy of smaller profit margins—success comes through growth in our customer base, not artificially high pricing. With every adjustment we make to our products, we focus on how the change improves the experience for the end user. Time and again, this leads us back to an emphasis on inclusion of the highest quality parts.

And as with any effective organization, we realize that high quality parts mean nothing without high quality people. Throughout our business, our staff represent the best at what they do. This is especially true for our assessment and sales staff. While many companies push their sales personnel to drive sales of the products with the highest profit margins—and compensating the staff accordingly—we have liberated our sales staff from the negative effect of commission-based sales. Our staff do not see any extra profits from selling you an expensive model you don't really need. Instead, they're able to focus all of their energy where it should be: on serving you and the needs of your business.


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