January 16, 2015

Benefits of using Electric Pressure Washers for Industrial Uses

Electric Pressure WashersCleaning and industrial environment is quite a bit different than traditional cleaning. Not only do you have to worry about cleaning up harder materials, many industries require very clean and even sterile areas to prevent mold, bacteria and other contaminants from infecting their product. This type of cleaning is intense and can take a long time. Investing in an electric hot water pressure washer can help you save time and money when clean up time comes. In addition to saving time, there are several other benefits of choosing a pressure washer to clean up industrial areas.

Better cleaning

Using an electric pressure washer offers better results. In particular, steam is often used to help clean sensitive equipment like engines and motors. Steam can help thaw frozen pipes, sprinklers and machinery in processing plants. In addition, steam pressure cleaning is ideal for removing hard and caked on material from a variety of surfaces as well as degreasing and removing fats and oils from industrial equipment.

When you get the best electric pressure washer, you’ll have the flexibility of several different types of cleaners in one unit. We have over 700 different washing models you can choose from that offer maximum effectiveness and flexibility. A favorite of many is the electric heated pressure washer. The electric units can heat water to temperatures over 300 degrees. This makes cleaning easier and better. When you use steam, you can completely eliminate grease and oily residue, offering a much better clean than other options.

Less water consumption

When you opt for steam electric pressure washers, you will use less water than some of the other models. The commercial electric pressure washer uses less water because it converts the water into pressurized steam. The steam has nearly the same impact as pressurized water but uses much less water than traditional cleaners. When you opt for a steam-based pressure washer electric cleaner, you’ll get the best clean possible while reducing the amount of water you use, cutting your water bill and lowering your impact on the environment.

A benefit of using steam is that it uses less water which means it evaporates faster. This is particularly ideal around equipment that may be more sensitive to water or areas that require surfaces to be dry to avoid damaging products. You can get the clean you need and spend less time drying.

We offer hot/cold water options that use water instead of steam to clean items. The water is an excellent choice when you need to clean materials that are tougher. While steam is extremely effective, it may not be the best choice in all situations.

Less electricity

Our industrial electric pressure washer uses less electricity than other options. You can decide whether you use the standard power method of opt for other configurations to best utilize your new cleaner.  Your pressure washers electric steam cleaners do not take as much energy to work.

Whether you opt for an electric steam pressure washer or a more traditional hot/cold water option, you have the option of controlling the power you need.

Increase the effectiveness of chemicals

When you are trying to clean an industrial area, using the right chemicals will make a huge impact on the quality of the clean you gets. Our electric pressure washers for sale will help increase the effectiveness of the cleaning products you use. The water temperature in our cleaners are the hottest in the industry. The hot water increases the effectiveness of the cleaning chemicals. This means you’ll need to use less chemicals.

When you use the most powerful electric pressure washer to clean your items, you know you’ll get the best clean possible. Traditional hot/cold water pressure washers are ideal for treating tough surfaces like cement. A steam pressure washer will likely be a better option for sensitive equipment, brick and other softer surfaces.

Lower Operating Cost

When you use the best rated electric pressure washer that offers a steam option, you’ll save money. With less water usage, more effective chemicals (which means you use less) and lower electricity consumption, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a pressurized cleaning with the perk of a lower cost.

A steam unit uses up to 50 percent less water and reduces runoff by almost 60 percent. You’ll consume less water, which reduces your operating costs. Our portable cleaners have smaller motors and produces much lower PSIs than a traditional cleaner which means you’ll use less electricity and save money on your overhead costs.

We know that your business is important to you. Keeping a clean, sanitary working environment impacts the quality of your product, employee satisfaction and working conditions. When you need the best clean possible, choose a professional grade cleaner from Daimer. With years of experience, we are widely recognized as one of the best commercial cleaning companies in the industry. We build all of our products in the United States and shop to over 240 countries! We know the business of clean and we can help ensure that your industrial environment gets the best clean possible.

To learn more about the different types of electric pressure washers we offer visit our website today. Our detailed catalog lets you see everything you need to know about all of the cleaners we have available. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact a customer service agent today and we can help you find the right unit for your business. We can even customize your order. Call us today at 1.800.471.7157.


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