March 02, 2016

Hot Steam Pressure Washers - Perfect for the Busy Healthcare Industry

Hot Steam Pressure WashersHealthcare is a critical industry that relies on passionate people, exceptional facilities, and of course, clean and safe environments. Creating a clean environment in any healthcare facility requires advanced cleaning methods and the best equipment. At Daimer Industries we supply the world’s leading commercial and industrial cleaning products, many of which are suited to the healthcare industry. The hot steam pressure washers in our product lineup can sterilize almost any environment, and are suitable for a number of surfaces. Let’s take a look at how these machines can benefit any facility, from the smallest community clinic, to the busiest city hospital.

How an Industrial Plus Pressure Washer Cleans and Sterilizes

Steam is seen as the most effective sterilization method for healthcare facilities. It’s no wonder that the CDC included steam sterilization at the top of its list in the 2008 Disinfection and Sterilization Guidelines. Steam is recommended because it can kill microbes and spores, on contact. When steam is combined with pressure, it is even more effective. Heat is the primary agent in sterilization, which is why Daimer pressure washers are able to create steam at temperatures of up to 330°F, which is the highest used in the cleaning industry.

Our steam cleaners work by heating water and turning it into a steam vapor. Simply creating steam and applying it is not enough, so we incorporate pressure into the system, with some units reaching up to 3500PSI. Our nozzles are amongst the best in the commercial and industrial cleaning industries, and they also contribute to the effectiveness of any pressure steam cleaning solution.

Purchasing a Daimer steam cleaner pressure washer means that you will receive all of the benefits of steam as a sanitizer and sterilizer, as well as the superior design and quality that comes when you buy from an industry leader. Another huge benefit is the fact that steam cleaning can sterilize a surface immediately, so there’s no waiting for dangerous chemicals to take effect.

Portable Pressure Washer and Steam Cleaners

Portable washers can be used in any environment, and vary by size and operation. In a demanding industry like healthcare, versatile solutions are required to ensure that sterilization and cleaning can be carried out in any place, at any time.

The Super Max 6000 is a unit that we designed to be relatively compact, and effortlessly portable. Incidents can occur at any time in a small clinic or large medical facility, and this unit allows cleaning and maintenance teams to quickly respond to any situation. If you examine a number of brands, you will often find that smaller units lack the technology and cleaning effectiveness of larger ones. This is not the case when you look at steam pressure washers for sale at Daimer. This particular unit can produce up to 750PSI of pressure, while heating steam up to 330°F.

Of course there are times when a smaller unit will not be sufficient, which is why we offer different solutions that cover various facilities in the healthcare industry. Some of our largest units will produce pressure of 3500PSI, and can be heated by diesel, kerosene, or heating oil. Larger units like the Super Max 12885 are designed for larger facilities and can be used for regular and emergency cleanups. Highly durable and mounted on industrial quality trolleys, a unit like the Super Max 12885 can handle any sterilization job.

Cleaning Equipment with a Hot Steam Pressure Washer

In addition to multi-surface pressure cleaners, we also offer the best commercial and industrial grade stationary cleaners for equipment cleaning and sanitization. These offer the convenience of being electrically powered, and models are offered that can provide pressure up to 3000PSI. Steam temperature is identical to portable models, reaching 330°F. Because steam is an effective degreaser, these units can clean components taken from lubricated equipment and machinery. Motors are built to NEMA specifications which means that they are at the top of the industry when it comes to performance and durability.

In addition to being some of the best steam pressure washers on the market, these stationary units can also be used as multifunction cleaners, offering cold and hot water pressure washing from a single device. The versatility and functionality that these machines provide, make them some of the most sought after units for industrial and commercial cleaning.

The Best Industrial Steam Pressure Washer Solutions

Regardless of the size of your healthcare operation, Daimer has robust solutions that are competitively priced, and can be offered on lease-to-own programs. Whether you need a smaller portable pressure washer, a mid-sized or large pressure washer for surface cleaning in a medical facility, or even if you need a stationary unit for cleaning various items, we have you covered by our comprehensive range of high quality units.

Deal with the global leader in commercial and industrial cleaning appliances, by choosing Daimer Industries.


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