January 09, 2015

Industrial Steam Cleaners for a Cleaner House

Steam CleanersCleaning the home can be time consuming. A truly thorough cleaning could take hours or days and may not even get rid of all the dust, germs and grime that builds up in crevices and cracks. Whether you are preparing a home for a move-out or a holiday gathering, cleaning the home thoroughly can bring a feeling of newness back into the home. One of the best ways to get the clean you desire is through the use of industrial steam cleaners. The cleaners are designed to get even the most difficult-to-reach spots.

We offer the right industrial steam cleaner for sale, no matter what you need it for. We sell the best cleaners in the industry. Our professional-grade units are designed to get both the inside and outside of your home looking and feeling like new.

When you need an affordable industrial steam cleaner, let us help you get what you need with the best customer service around. Here are a few things you can use our cleaners for:

Steam clean your kitchen

The kitchen is often one of the most difficult places in the home to clean. Although it can be time consuming, it’s also one of the most important areas of the home to keep clean. With entire families gathering in the kitchen to store, prepare and eat food, it’s important to keep the kitchen clean of germs, grease and dirt to avoid illness.  Our industrial steam cleaner for kitchen grease offers a powerful blast of pressurized steam to help quickly and effectively remove grease and grime from kitchen surfaces.

The portable industrial steam cleaner makes it easy to reach all of the areas in your kitchen that need the most attention. With high temperature levels and PSI levels ranging from 1000 PSI to 3000 PSI our units can get rid of dirt quickly and easily without damaging your home.  This simple tool will help get homes cleaner, faster.

Use our industrial vapor steam cleaner to eradicate dirt, grease and grime for a fresh, clean kitchen.

Steam clean your carpets

Our industrial steam cleaners for lease are strong enough to clean carpets. Whether you need to tackle carpeting in the bedroom, living areas or dining room our industrial units are designed to get carpets clean and dirt free.

Eliminate odors, stains, pet dander and other grime that builds up in carpets with our industrial carpet steam cleaner. With temperatures ranging up to over 300 degrees, your carpet will look, feel and smell like new. Bring the fresh scent and feel of spring into your home when you spring clean your carpets with a professional grade cleaner.

Steam clean your floors

Your floors are the most used surfaces in your home. Family, friends and pets walk, run, roll and play all over your floors. Add in spills, dirty shoes, and build up over time and your floors can wreak havoc on the rest of your home. Eradicate the germs and dirt with our best industrial steam cleaner. We’ll help you take control of your floors again.

Whether you have hardwood floors or cement flooring, we can help. Our industrial steam cleaner for hard wood floors works hard enough to clean dirt and dust from between the cracks, along the baseboard and on the surface of your floor without damaging your attractive, and often expensive flooring. Our professional cleaners are safe and effective. Add new life to your hardwood floors with a professional-grade clean.

Do you want remove dirt, stains, dust and grime from cement floors? Many people avoid cleaning their basement floors, porches and patios because the cement is harder to clean. When you use an industrial steam cleaner for concrete, you can get the heavy-duty power you need to get a truly clean cement floor.

Steam cleaning for heavy duty projects

When you need to tackle outdoor or heavy-duty projects inside, don’t get overwhelmed with endless hours of scrubbing. Use an electric powered industrial steam cleaner to get the clean you want and need. Our heavy duty steam cleaner is designed to get rid of the dirt quickly, so you can spend your time focusing on something else. Our high-pressured washers reach temperatures of over 300 degrees and offer a wide-range of pressure, including levels of up to 3000 PSI for a thorough cleaning. The water pressure will help remove old dirt, stains and grime so your heavy-duty project looks cleaner, faster.

Whether you need to clean your garage or remove stains from an industrial area, our professional grade machines are here to help. The portable units are lightweight and easy to move. This means less storage space for you and more flexibility for use. You can pack your new machine in the back of a van or truck or simply pull it around the area you need to clean. The heavy-duty cleaning power doesn’t come with a heavy-duty weight.

Daimer is one of the most renowned industrial steam cleaner manufacturers in the world. We ship our products to over 200 countries. Our products are all American-made. We give back to the economy by keeping our jobs local!

When you need the best clean possible, turn to the one company that offers excellent customer service, high-quality products and convenience. Check out our online catalog for an extensive list of the different types of cleaning machines we offer.

For more information on a specific product, contact our customer service agents today.


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