April 04, 2015

Daimer Industries: A Portable Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaner Manufacturer

Carpet Steam CleanersFor the first time in years, you decide to take a vacation.  Not only that, you decide to make it a big, no expenses spared trip by going on a cruise.  Taking a deep breath of sea air, whatever nerves you had that were work related start to drift away while you sit on a chaise sipping a drink of your choice.  Just as you are about to fully relax, you realize that you left your sunscreen in your room.  When you get into your cabin, you are in shock. 

Little water bugs have decided to become your roommates.  Appalled, you go to the customer service area and notify them of the situation.  After an embarrassed apology, the concierge notifies you that your room will be vapor cleaned to attempt to get rid of your unexpected cabin guests.  As you reassume your routine, you spot the cleaning crew carrying a portable commercial carpet steam cleaner, which destroys the bugs and their eggs and reassuring you that you have a stress-free vacation for the remainder of the time.

Benefits of Using a Commercial Grade Carpet Steam Cleaner

Everyone has had this experience: you get into your hotel room after a long flight.  Your muscles ache, you’re starving, and all you want to do is take a shower and go to bed.  As you walk into the room, you realize that there is an incredibly pungent smell of bleach and other cleaners to clean a stain up on the carpet.  This is where a commercial grade carpet steam cleaner comes in.  If housekeeping had used a commercial grade carpet steam cleaner while cleaning up your room, you would have been able to stick to your original plan. 

Because a using only water as its cleaning agent, a commercial vapor steam cleaner guarantees that there are no noxious fumes when your guests enter the room.  As a business person, you are concerned with costs over all.  Most of our competitor’s steam cleaners cost 50% or more than our cleaners.  In addition to this, you will save money in other ways as well.  First, you won’t have to purchase the cleaners that are associated with tiled and carpeted floors. 

Another cost avoidance is that you won’t have to stock up on rubber gloves because water is a nonirritant.  There will be almost no down time associated with waiting for cleaners to dissipate, our commercial vapor steam cleaners’ steam only takes fifteen minutes to dry.  And because this is an all-in-one product, your staff won’t have to take the time to switch cleaning equipment. 

Commercial Floor Steam Cleaners for the Home

Late one afternoon, your child, while working on their homework, informs you that they aren’t feeling well.  Their nose is running, their eyes sting and a deep rumbling cough comes from their tiny body.  Naturally, you take your child’s temperature and they feel normal.  The next morning, your child’s maladies start to fade, however, it seems that whenever you clean, they return.  At one point, your child’s throat closes up and you have to take them to the emergency room.  While you are filled with dread, you put on a really calm “it’s going to be okay” face for your child’s benefit.  After consulting with your pediatrician, you discover that your child is allergic to perfumes.  They advise that you switch to a more organic method of cleaning.

Many of our customers have also started to use our products in their homes.  Because of our 100% environmentally friendly cleaner, our customers feel at ease knowing that there will not be chemicals that will be heading into the landfills to biodegrade.  With more people becoming sensitive to perfumes and other chemicals, this is an ideal solution for the parent with a child with asthma or allergies.  Water is also nontoxic so there will not be any concerns over use around all of the members of your family, including your pets.

One of the Best Commercial Steam Cleaners Around

We at Daimer Industries use only the best materials when it comes to manufacturing your commercial vapor steam cleaner.  Not only that, but we are also the only EPA-Compliant commercial vapor steam cleaner manufacturer.  We also know that no one wants to wait a long time on cleaning equipment to warm up before you start to clean.  Our equipment only takes between 7 and 15 minutes to warm up and by then, the rest of your cleaning should be completed.  Our water temperatures are between 210°F and 369°F, insuring that the maximum sanitation quality is accomplished.  We are constantly looking to improve our technology, so when you purchase one of our commercial vapor steam cleaners it won’t be utilizing processes that were invented long ago. 

A couple of our latest advances include: our Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology™, which will insure that your vapor flow is one continuous stream and eliminates the time required to shut down the unit, refill the canister and wait for it to reheat the water; and replaceable heating elements, which will increase your commercial vapor steam cleaner’s lifespan.  We want to make your experiences with our equipment as stress-free as possible and because of this, we have added 30 free detail brushes.  These brushes usually would go for about 20 dollars when you purchase one of our competitors.

We hope you are encouraged to purchase one of our commercial vapor steam cleaners, not only because it is cost effective, but it is also a healthier way to clean.


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