January 15, 2016

Proper Care and Maintenance for Industrial Pressure Washers

Industrial Pressure WashersIf you own and industrial-strength pressure washer, chances are you use it to make at least a portion of your income.  These machines are a substantial investment therefore maintaining them should be every bit as significant as your initial purchase.  Here are some recommendations on how to maintain your industrial pressure washer for many years of both personal and commercial use.

The Workings

In order to properly use and maintain any machine, it is important to be familiar with its components and what they do.  When it comes to pressure washers, familiarize yourself with the tank, engines, burners, nozzles, filters, lance, and even the wheels.  You also need to know what products to use in order to maintain industrial grade pressure washing equipment down to the optimal pump and engine oils.


You might or might not be able to use the same oil for both the pump and engine of your pressure washer.  This is determined by the manufacturer’s specifications.  For the most accurate information always contact the manufacturer for a definitive answer.  In terms of how often you should oil the pressure washer components, that is a fairly simple answer.  You want to change the pump oil after the first 25 hours of use.  After that, change the oil every 250 hours or every three months.  The engine oil needs to be changed after the first 10-15 hours and after that every 100 hours or every three months.  Be sure to always use the recommended oil(s) for your industrial pressure washer and check the oil levels before each operation.

The Filter

Check the air filter on your pressure washer monthly.  You want to look for dust and dirt and make sure there is no excessive buildup as this can clog the filter.  It is recommended that you change the air filter a minimum of every six months.  If you use your pressure washer extensively and want to change out the filter more frequently by all means feel free to do so.  Some people not only check but change the air filter on the pressure washer monthly.  Remember, the key word in preventative maintenance is “preventative”.

The Burner and Burner Fuel Nozzle

When it comes to maintaining the burner on your industrial power washer be sure to drain the moisture from your heating coil every week by opening the drain valve.  The fuel tank should always be filled with clean fuel and if water or condensation gets into the fuel use the tank drain on the bottom of the machine to eliminate such liquid.  The burner fuel filter should be replaced at least every three to six months.  Again if you feel that you need to replace this filter more frequently go right ahead and do so. 

The electrode cone assembly consists of the burner fuel nozzle and burner electrodes.  The burner fuel nozzle cannot be cleaned therefore it must be replaced.  This should be done at least once per year and be sure to always use the same size nozzle.  Once more frequency of use determines the frequency of maintenance so you might find it necessary to replace the nozzle more than annually.  The burner electrodes should be checked frequently to ensure they are ¼” apart from each other and replaced and properly gapped at least yearly.  The electrodes should be replaced based on their condition.  If you use your pressure washer extensively keep a close eye on these ceramic pieces as wear and tear plays a huge role in the frequency of replacement.  You need to look for cracked ceramic, tips that are not pointed, and a buildup of soot.

The Cool-Down

Heating coil maintenance can be minimized by properly cooling down an industrial pressure washer after each use.  Never shut down your power washer before cooling down the boiler.  You can do this by simply turning the burner off and squeezing the trigger on the handle for approximately one minute or until the metal lance feels cool to the touch.

Additional Support

If you have any additional questions about how to maintain your pressure washer Daimer has a large call center staff available 24 hours a day to assist you.  Our highly qualified specialists are standing by to offer solutions to existing and prospective customers when it comes to the optimal care of your pressure washer.  We also offer product consultations to not only ensure we suggest the best product for customer needs, but how to maintain that product.  Daimer uses the highest grade products to ensure the maximum reliability and longevity of our items and we want to help our customers take full advantage of this quality with proper care and maintenance.   When you purchase a top rated gas powered pressure washer it will need top-notch care.

This additional support is part of our company philosophy:  to maintain a high level of post-sales service and support.  At Daimer we stand by our fine products and are ready to offer assistance for the lifetime of those products.  We will help you maintain your investment as our service does not stop after the sale but continues throughout the entire lifecycle of the item you purchased. For additional information just click on the About Us tab or give us a call at 1-877-830-7346 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We welcome any questions, comments, or concerns about our site, service, and products.


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