November 04, 2014

Steam Vacuum Cleaners for Commercial, Industrial, and Home Use

Daimer Industries has long carried cleaning supplies for all sorts of messes. But one particular line of cleaners has made us proud through the years. We’ve expanded the line time and time again, upgrading our machines to be the newest and most efficient they can be. Our steam vacuum cleaners are a new level of ease to use, and get every surface clean and sanitized in a fraction of the time. With our cleaners, cleaning won’t be the chore that it once was.

What Steam Vacuum Cleaners Are, and How They Work

Steam cleaners are a cleaning machine made for commercial use to lessen the time scrubbing away at grease and grime. Our steam cleaners boil water within 15 minutes to create steam that blasts at high temperatures. The steam, combined with cleaning chemicals, splashes onto the surface that needs cleaning, dissolving the bonds in tough to scrub grease, grime, and scum. But once the steam has done its work, someone still has to be there to wipe down the surfaces, potentially creating wipe marks, or leaving behind water stains. Our steam cleaners now come with an easy attachment that makes the steam cleaner into a wet/dry vacuum. Now our machines clean up after themselves, too!

Why Choose a Steam Vacuum Cleaner?

There are many reasons to want a clean workplace or home, but sometimes a quick wipe with a paper towel and a spray bottle just don’t do the trick. A steam cleaner quickly cuts into dirt and grease, doing in seconds what it would take minutes of elbow grease to match. With the addition of the wet/dry vacuum, the wetness of the steam would no longer be a problem. Water stains on glass would be minimized, wet spots would dry faster, and the vacuum would suck up various particles and debris.

As an added incentive, our vacuums are now include a HEPA filter, meaning that when you clean, the filter will catch allergens caught in the vacuum’s airflow, leaving the air smelling fresh and clean. Pet dander would no longer be a problem in homes, and pollen and dust from the outdoors will no longer be trampled into the carpet and flooring. Customers won’t be getting the sniffles while inside your businesses, and you’ll invest less in air fresheners.

KleenJet Mega 1000CV Powerful Steam Vacuum Cleaning System

Steam Vacuum Cleaner Variations

While this is an amazing product, be careful. Steam vacuum cleaners can’t clean up everything. The water content and high temperatures can damage surfaces that aren’t prepared for it. Unsealed wood, for instance, can be ruined.  Find the right product for what you need cleaned, and don’t look at something just because it might be sleek and shiny. What you need is a product that will last, that will clean things thoroughly, and be easy to use and maintain.

Our cleaners have different abilities, even though they all offer the wet/dry vacuum option. Some are ill suited for carpet cleaning, and can only be used for spot-checking, or smooth surfaces. Others can be the wrong size for you, as our boilers alone can range from 4 liters to 10. Some offer our amazing continuous refill technology, but not all. For large companies, it is recommended to try the Kleenjet Ultra 5000CV, with a 5-liter boiler, continuous refill technology, 125 psi capabilities and boiler temperatures up to 369° F. Smaller companies and homeowners would not need such a large cleaner, and would not be wise in choosing something they would not use to the fullest. If you have more questions, please consult the Steam Cleaners Buyers Guide we have available. We also have a quick and easy compare option, where you can look at as many cleaners as you want, side by side. You’ll see the differences in pressure, temperature, our technological additions, and even the dimensions. We do everything we can to make sure that you pick the right machine for you.

Our Cleaner Guarantee

Once you find the cleaner you need, we can assure you that you’ve picked the best of the market. Daimer uses science to their advantage, ensuring the highest quality material to used make the machines, and powering it with the most advanced technology in the market. Our machines use removable heating elements, lengthening the life of our machines, making broken parts easier to replace, and allowing the machine to reach higher temperatures. If it does break or need replacing, technicians can remove just the heating element, saving you hundreds of dollars. Other machines would require a full boiler replacement. Our boiler is made with stainless steel for durability, has a lifetime warranty, and features a self-cleaning mechanism that maintains itself without much hassle from you.

Here at Daimer Industries, we care about our customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large company or a three-person home; we want everyone to use our products to their full advantage. We focus our energies on ensuring our machines are the strongest they can be for a reasonable price, not some overpriced delicate thing that doesn’t last more than five years. Quality is what is important to us, not the amount of money we can make. We look into keeping our products updated and eco-friendly, leaving a lesser impact on our earth and leaving fewer chemicals in your buildings. With a Daimer steam vacuum cleaner, your business or home will be spotless, your air will smell clean and fresh, and you’ll be doing your part to keeping our world green. Choose Daimer, and see how your view of clean will change.


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