September 04, 2014

Get Vapor Steam Cleaner Solutions from a World Leader, Daimer Industries

Daimer Industries has built a foundation on its products, technology, and services. This foundation serves as the base for everything that we do and everything that we're able to offer our customers. For years, Daimer Industries has been a global leader, exporting our American-made products to more than 200 countries and territories—proof that our solutions have not only stood the test of time but also the exacting standards of companies worldwide. Our highest achievement has been putting our products to work in the White House, a claim few companies, regardless of their product, can make.

At Daimer Industries, we value several key principles. One of these is using the highest quality parts available. While you may expect all companies to use the highest quality parts, many take shortcuts to shave expenses and increase their profit margins. You'll become painfully aware of these choices when your machines break down after just a few months or years of service. We never sacrifice quality for price so that you never have to sacrifice value. That's a benefit you can enjoy for years to come.

In addition to durable, reliable equipment, we provide our customers with expert sales and service advice. This means that your relationship with our company does not begin nor end with a sale. We're present during your decision-making process to help you choose the best product for your needs, and we're still here for you after the sale to provide the service you need to get the most out of your equipment. Nothing we do, from technology enhancements to customer service, has anyone but the end user in mind.

What to Look for in a Vapor Steam Cleaner—Find It All with Daimer Industries Products

If you're new to vapor steam cleaners, you may not be familiar with the wide range of services they offer your business. However, we're confident you'll be satisfied with the range of surfaces they're able to clean. Any vapor steam cleaner we sell is fully prepared to tackle incredibly tough cleaning challenges, such as automobile wheels, kitchen range hoods, bathroom tile and grout, and pet cages. These tough-to-clean examples are just a few of the dozens of solutions provided by a vapor steam cleaner. (Learn more about what they're not suited for below.)

Daimer Industries is the top brand of commercial and industrial vapor steam cleaner on the Internet. We became number one not by chance but because of our consistent dedication to quality products, technological advancement, and exceptional customer service. Part of this process includes honest information sharing about how we design and manufacture our products, as well as how we've developed into a successful business. We've always operated on thin profit margins to make sure that we never have to sacrifice our quality. We've proven that a great product sells well, and we've thrived based on the volume of our sales. How many companies are willing to tell you that? And if they're not, what are they trying to hide from you?

And if you're not convinced that a business would provide customers with open, honest information, consider this: None of our product specialists work on commission. That means they don't make a single dime more if they sell your our most expensive versus least expensive model. There's nothing that will make us compromise our business integrity for the sake of a sale, no matter how profitable. Once again, we encourage you to ask our competition: Do their sales specialists operate on commission? If so, how do you know you're getting honest advice?

When a Vapor Steam Cleaner Is the Right Solution and When It's Not

We're even honest about the limitations of our machines. Many Internet retailers make outrageous claims about the capabilities of their machines—only to have you become aware of the stretch of their pitch after you've purchased. While great machines for a number of uses, vapor steam cleaners are neither steam pressure washers nor real carpet cleaners. Certainly, they're not designed to clean car exteriors, no matter what a salesperson might claim. For that task, as well as gum removal or kitchen wall cleaning, you'll want a wet steam pressure washer.

Vapor steam cleaners are the perfect solution for “dry” cleaning needs. Our steam cleaners emit vapor composed of about 5 percent water. The best use of a vapor steam cleaner is with a one-inch brush attachment for tasks such as cleaning grout lines and other cleaning solutions dependent on heat and friction. Importantly, vapor steam cleaners require direct contact with a tool, such as a towel or brush, in order to be effective cleaning machines. They're not a “point and shoot” technology. Anything not in contact with the vapor steam cleaner brush is unlikely to get as clean as you may have hoped for.

Nor are vapor steam cleaners the solution of choice for unsealed hardwoods, gentle fabrics, or other heat-sensitive materials. Every good tool has a specific purpose, and this includes our vapor steam cleaners. But until you feel comfortable trusting the source of that advice, you'll never feel confident with your product choice. Best of all, our openness and honesty is matched by exceptional expertise. We know of every cleaning problem, and we know of every cleaning solution. To learn more, all you have to do is ask.


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