January 31, 2015

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Pressure Washer?

Pressure WasherEvery building receives some unsightly loads of mud, algae, leaves, dirt and all other forms of debris on the surface. Additionally, all forms of automobiles get caked up with road salt, oil and mud. Even the most simple pressure washers will convert you normal garden hose into a monster which eliminates all the dirt, oil and debris in your building.

The most important thing to put into consideration when buying a pressure washing machine is the purpose you intend to use it for. For instance, commercial pressure washers and industrial pressure washers will need heavier grade elements than those pressure washers meant for home use. You need to carefully evaluate your needs, before you can purchase any unit.

Some people may think that purchasing this machine is a luxury buy, but a good pressure washer can increasingly help you in maintaining and cleaning your building, saving you lots of time, money and giving it more value.

Selecting the right pressure washing unit

When purchasing a pressure washer, always look out for these two things.

Water pressure

The water pressure is usually expressed in pounds per square inch and it can range anywhere from 1000psi to 4000 or even more for a commercial grade pressure washer.


As for the price, this depends on your budget. At DaiMer.com, we have pressure washers that cater for any kind of budget. Our quality is high, so you do not have to worry about buying an affordable pressure washing unit that will break down immediately you get home.

Types of pressure washing machines


This are light duty machines that perform exceptionally well for light duty cleaning tasks. They are more quiet and easy to start. For these units, you need to plug it directly into an outlet using the built in cord and no extensions cord. When deciding on where you need to clean this should carefully be considered since mobility is limited.


These vary from medium to very heavy duty models. They provide added benefits of more power. They are also more mobile friendly as you do not need to be really close to a power outlet. Pressure washers that are gas powered use a manual pull start, while those that are heavy duty may require you to use an electric starter.

Do I need cold water or hot?

Cold water

A cold water pressure is mainly used in cleaning surfaces and objects by combining spray impact and the use of cleaning soaps and chemicals. Generally, where grease and oil are not the main cause of dirt, then cold water comes highly recommended. However, with the proper cleaning chemicals grease and oil can still be effectively eliminated.

Hot water

We all know from dish washing that using hot water to clean makes cleaning easy, more so when we are cleaning oil or grease. This is not to say that cold water is not effective with the use of the right chemicals. Hot water makes cleaning quicker since it loosens grease, oil, and dirt easily. A hot steam water pressure washer uses kerosene or diesel to heat the water up in a heating coil that is inbuilt to achieve temperatures of up to 330° F.

What should I worry most about when buying a pressure washer; g.p.m or p.s.i?

When buying your pressure washer, you should acknowledge both the g.p.m and p.s.i of the unit since they are both critical. The p.s.i (pounds per square inch) gives the pressure to a machine and makes the contaminants get off the surfaces. On the other hand, the g.p.m (gallons per minute) expels the contaminants from the surface. Picking the correct combination of both is vital in buying the ideal pressure washing unit for all your washing needs.

What are the advantages of using a pressure washing system to clean?

Pressure washing machines that are for home use run more than 20 times a normal garden hose pipe and are really good for cleaning of patio covers and furniture. Medium and heavy duty washers run more than 100 times garden horse pipes and can clean any stubborn stains. They refresh and restore surfaces at a much lower cost than replacement projects. When repainting a surface, you may have to get rid of any grease as much as possible to ensure the new paint looks great. Power washing enhances your cleaning performance by getting in the cracks and crevices. There is no cleaning process that can compare to the beauty and efficiency of power washers.

Where can I get the best pressure washer?

After you have finally made up your mind on the best unit that will fit your needs, then head to DaiMer website to check out the different varieties that are available in the market. This website is easy to navigate and it lets you go through all the categories of the products we have and after you have identified what exactly you need, you then purchase it online.  This ends up saving you lots of time and money as well.

We are one of the leading companies that deal with these products because our prices are competitive when compared to other dealers in the industry. In addition, we have a lease to own program making our products affordable to our customers.

If you are want to have an ever clean building, then contact us today. Our customer service representatives will be ready to help you. At DaiMer, we make your dream of owning a pressure washer become a reality.


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