May 09, 2016

Why Sand Blaster Alternatives are Taking Over the Market

Ice BlasterCurrently, there are many different alternatives to sand blasting on the market. Here are a few alternatives to consider: soda blasting, high pressure water blasting, solvent cleaning, power tool cleaning, ice blasting, and more. There are a variety of reasons that people are choosing to use alternatives to sand blasting. In the long run, more people are choosing alternatives because they save money! Here are a few reasons that sand blaster alternatives are taking over the market.

  1. Alternatives Allow Less Downtime

Traditional sand blasting requires a lot of cleaning cycles to keep the equipment running properly. During the time that you are spending cleaning your equipment, you could be spending that time using it (and making money!). With sand blasting alternatives, they require less cleaning and downtime, which in turn means that you are getting more run time – more profits!

It is no surprise that business owners want to make money, so they will choose sand blaster alternatives over traditional sand blasting.

  1. Alternatives Are Non-Abrasive

Another benefit of the sand blaster alternatives is that these are non abrasive options. With sand blasting, the sand rubs and grinds in order to clean. This can damage your equipment in the long run, leading business owners to choose sand blaster alternatives that are not abrasive.

  1. No Secondary Waste Clean up

Companies that choose sand blasting to clean their equipment usually find that the clean up after the job can sometimes take as long as the job itself. This is because all of the tiny grains of sand get into all of the available nooks and crannies.

Using sand blaster alternatives will just about eliminate the clean up after a job! This means that you are going to save time and therefore save money! Let alone sand blaster alternatives are more eco-friendly, as you are not polluting like you would with sand blasting.

  1. Clean Enough for the food industry

Using sand blasting, in most cases, is usually not safe enough for the food industry. This means if you work in the food industry, you will need to find an alternative to sand blasting, right. With this in mind, things like dry ice blasting or the newest Ice Blast Machine, you will find that these blasting methods are safe enough for the food industry.

  1. More operator safety

Keeping your workers safe is a very important part of owning a business. Sand blasting is known as one of the most hazardous jobs, specifically due to the amount of toxic silica the workers are exposed to when doing this type of work. The silica can lead to life-threatening health issues.

If you workers are getting sick, not only could you be at risk for a lawsuit, but you are going to have to invest time in finding new workers to run the equipment, when your sick workers stop working. Sand blasting alternatives allow you to offer your workers a safer environment and allow you to retain your workers for the long haul, allowing positive working relationships for both parties.

The Eco-Friendly Blast Machine

Are you searching for a top notch cleaning product? The Ice Blast Machine uses the most advanced technology in the field, being one of the leaders in the commercial cleaning industry. The Ice Blast Machine cleans surfaces without abrasion, leading to no harm to the surface, and allowing it to become exceptionally clean. As well as being environmentally friendly, it is also one of the most effective cleaning solutions available today.

Unlike other cleaners, the Ice blast machine is not dangerous to the environment, like sand or bead blasting. It is the most effective cleaning solution on the market

Daimer is the leader in the commercial cleaning industry, featuring its Ice Blast Machine.  Daimer is a trusted brand, most known for the durability and superior performance.

Along with exceptional commercial cleaning machines, Daimer also offers a variety of payment and financing options. This way, you can get the commercial cleaning machine you need and within your budget. With affordable blasting machines, Daimer is the number one online cleaning equipment store. To top it off, Daimer also offers a variety of warranties on the equipment to ensure that the carpet cleaners last. For more information, view or call a Daimer cleaning representative at 877-830-7346 for more information. We know that you have a busy schedule, therefore Daimer is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that we are always available when you need us.


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