August 03, 2015

XPH TM 10110

125834541_xlWhen it comes to the equipment you use in your carpet cleaning business, nothing beats the power and versatility of a truck mount carpet cleaning extractor. Our XPH TM 10110 model is one such machine offering superior results in an industrial setting.

Benefits of a Truck Mount Carpet Clean Extractor

A truck mount hot water carpet cleaning extractor is, hands down, the most effective, efficient way to clean carpets. There are several reasons this is true.

  • Truck mount systems produce seriously hot water. The XPH TM 10110 produces temperatures up to 210 ºF and keeps it that hot for as long as needed. This machine includes a stainless steel heat exchanger with adjustable temperature control.

Hot water is vital in deep carpet cleaning. It increases the reaction between the cleaning solution and the soils in the carpet so it works more effectively.

  • With a truck mount carpet cleaning system, all the water stays outside the building or residence. With the XPH TM 10110 extractor, you hook up a water supply outside the home and waste water is removed via hose to a 40-gallon stainless steel recovery tank. Keeping all the water outside the dwelling means less chance of spills and mess from filling or emptying the equipment.

  • The power of a truck mount carpet cleaning machine is unmatched in terms of vacuum suction. These machines can move a lot of water quickly. Measured in cubic feet per minute, the XPH TM 10110 has an airflow rate of 344 CFM. A high CFM such as this removes massive amounts of moisture from carpeting to minimize drying time dramatically.

Important XPH TM 10110 Specifications

The XPH TM 10110 is a truck mount hot water carpet cleaning machine designed for the unique commercial and industrial cleaning purposes. Featuring a heavy-duty 18.0 HP motor that produces an airflow of 344 CFM and a vacuum lift of 16” Hg, this machine has powerful cleaning potential.

The XPH TM 10110 has four sequential filters for superior vacuum filtration and function. With adjustable high pressures up to 1000 PSI and adjustable flow rates up to 2.1 GPM, this carpet extractor is capable of dissolving and removing the most stubborn grime and stains from carpeting. This powerful machine also features vacuum and pressure safety valves.

The XTreme Power XPH TM 10110 has a rugged steel frame with a 40-gallon recovery tank. These features ensure long-lasting, reliable performance, even in the harshest conditions, for years to come.

With the XPH TM 10110, you work faster and more efficiently thanks to a high-grade stainless steel heater exchange coil. This coil heats water quickly to temperatures up to 210 ºF and keeps it there with no drop in temperatures to delay production. This truck mount carpet cleaner has adjustable temperature controls so it can be used on a variety of different carpet materials.

Standard Attachments and Accessories

The XPH TM 10110 comes standard with a 12-inch Carpet Wand with special wand controls for pressure and temperature control. It also includes a 100-foot hose that expands to 200 feet so you can reach a greater area without the need to move the machine. Also included is a Faucet Adapter Kit, which makes it possible to hook the XPH TM 10110 up to an outdoor garden hose for continuous water feed.

Optional Attachments and Accessories

The XPH TM 10110 is designed as a truck mount deep clean carpet extractor, but with the addition of a few optional attachments, it becomes a versatile machine capable of cleaning a variety of surfaces including hard floors, walls and upholstery. Optional attachments include:

  • Vacuum hose reel
  • Solution hose reel
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Standard solution hose reel
  • Inline auto dump system
  • Stair wand
  • Upholstery wand
  • Crevice tool
  • 12” 4-Jet squeegee wand for hard surfaces
  • 18” 4-jet squeegee wand for hard surfaces
  • 9” patented motorized spinner for hard surfaces
  • 19” patented motorized spinner for hard surfaces
  • 12” 4-Jet wall wand for hard surfaces

As you can see, these additional accessories turn the XPH TM 10110 into a versatile cleaning powerhouse no commercial or industrial setting should be without.

Truck mount carpet cleaning extractors such as the XPH TM 10110 outshine their portable counterparts in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and ease of use. This system gives carpeting a thorough, deep down clean unrivaled by any other carpet extractor on the market. Giving you more power and more suction than the competition, the XPH TM 10110 delivers a better clean with less chemicals and faster drying times than any other carpet cleaner out there.

If you are tired of having to haul around heavy portable equipment, empty and refill tanks, or look for electrical outlets within reach, a truck mount carpet cleaner like the XPH TM 10110 is the answer. With the ability to be used continuously and with a greater capacity, this carpet cleaning system cuts cleaning time in half while delivering a better clean overall.

Whether you are just starting out, or you are looking for a carpet cleaner to replace your old, worn-out equipment, give us a call today to discuss the XPH TM 10110. Designed with the industrial setting in mind, this machine is one of the most popular models for heavy-duty carpet cleaning applications. Let us help you decide if this machine is right for your needs. Call 1-877-482-1009. Our knowledgeable staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call.


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