July 15, 2015

The XTreme Power HSC 14500

XTreme Power HSC 14500The XTreme Power 14500 provides an excellent solution for hard surface cleaning, with four machines in one. The multi-purpose machines maximizes convenience and efficiency, so you can get your job done quickly. The machine is also portable adding to the flexibility and versatility of the product.

The heated industrial spinner cleaning machines uses high pressure, hot temperatures and low flow technology to give you a cleaner floor. With a low-flow rate of 2.8 gallons per minute, this machine uses less water than traditional pressure washer and floor cleaning machines. This versatile machine offers four tools in one including:

Multi-surface heated hard surface cleaning:  With water temperatures up to 250 degree Fahrenheit and 1500 PSI, this cleaning machine combines hot temperature and high water pressure with a unique spinning system for the best clean.

Commercial Steam Pressure Washer: Commercial steam pressure washers are excellent for removing grease, dirt and oil from hard surfaces outdoors and in industrial locations. The hot temperatures and water flow maximize oil and grease removal.

Commercial Wall Cleaning System: When you purchase additional tools, this machine can also function as an industrial wall cleaner. Whether you work in food services or manufacturing, regularly cleaning walls and removing grease and oil is essential for maintaining a safe, healthy working environment. The hot water temperatures and optional wands make it easier to tackle bigger projects.

Commercial sludge extractor: This machine features a 30 gallon per minute, water-damage restoration system. This powerful tool can remove solid materials from water, including storm water and bucket latrines.

This powerful machine is perfect for use on most outdoor surfaces including brick and cement, as well as indoor, industrial areas.

About the XTreme Power HSC 14500

With 1500 PSI, the water pressure is strong enough to tackle the toughest dirt and grease on most hard surfaces.  The XTreme Power HSC allows for cold and hot temperatures, as well as hot and wet steam. The spinner head, however, is not compatible with steam cleaning. Hot water temperatures can reach 210 degrees Fahrenheit and steam temperatures can reach 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

The XTreme Power HSC requires the use of propane to heat the water to the highest temperatures and can heat water from cold to hot in about 30 seconds using a high-pressure stainless steel heating exchange coil.

The spinner portion of the machine is 19 inches around and 46 inches long with a speed of 1000 revolutions per minute. This high speed creates the right amount of friction to remove dirt, grease and oil quickly and efficiently.

The pressure washer function of the machines utilizes electric 220-240V, single phase, 60Hz standard power. Daimer ships products to countries all over the world and we provide alternative power options to fit the needs of all of our customers. You may opt to outfit your XTreme Power HSC with 50HZ 220V-240V, three-phase power or 440 V, three-phase 50 or 60 Hz power.

The heavy duty-3 HP NEMA motor provides the power needed to maximize the pressure washing capabilities of this powerful cleaning tool. This continuous use machine allows for faster cleaning with a direct drive pump drive and continuous water feed via a hose linked directly to the pressure washer. You may also utilize the 10-gallon recovery tank to optimize cleaning times.

You can shut off the auto-dump feature on the XTreme Power HSC as needed. The machine can dump up to 30-gallons of water per minute, making this an excellent tool for sludge and water removal. The siphon infusion chemical infusion maximizes the power of the pressure washing aspects of the XTreme Power.

The steel-powder coated machine is chip resistant, so your cleaning tools look professional when you are out on a job. You can choose from a blue or red extractor and a white housing. The pressure washer is roughly 2-feet wide, 2.5 feet deep and just under 4-feet tall. The extractor is 1.5 feet wide, just under 3-feet wide and almost 4-feet tall. At 250 pounds for the pressure washer and 90 pounds for the extractor, this portable tool is easy to move around as needed.

Parts, Accessories and options:

The XTreme Power HSC includes a pressure washer wand as well as 40lb propane tank. Your machine also includes a 50-foot vacuum hose, 50-foot dump hose, 25-foot high-pressure steam hose, four steam nozzles (0 degree, 15 degree, 25 degree, 40 degree) and steam nozzles. The durable, 3-goot trigger wand with quick disconnect makes it easy to change tools in a few seconds. Your machine also includes a 14.5-inch extraction squeegee wand.

For maximum use of the hard surface spinning cleaner, you can purchase an optional 9-inch spinner wand to help detail smaller areas (like corners, and between railings). To utilize the wall cleaning system function of this machine, you may opt to purchase the squeegee wand or the 9-inch spinner for your hand. The rotating spinner will relieve pressure on your arms and provide the traction you need for proper grease and oil removal. Other optional tools include a 12-inch squeegee wand with four internal jets to maximize suction, an 18-inch squeegee wand with six internal jets for larger areas and a 9-inch motorized spinner.

Daimer is a worldwide leader in cleaning machines. We designed our products to provide maximum cleaning capabilities with lower water usage. Our low-flow technology allows you to get the best clean possible while saving on energy and utility usage. Contact Daimer today to learn more about this powerful, flexible cleaning tool. 


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