Cleaning Equipment with Patented Cleaning Technologies

Choosing the right home, commercial industrial cleaning equipment for your home, commercial, or industrial use has always been a challenge. Every year, the markets become filled with new offerings promising better and faster results. Of course, most of those new clean equipment and products fail to deliver on their promises and you'll end up looking for new cleaning equipment in another year or two.

However, some new cleaning equipment comes along and surprises users with just how effective it can be at getting even the toughest jobs completed more thoroughly. Three such patented cleaning technologies come to mind.

The first of these products is the KleenJet® steam cleaners, such as KleenJet® Ultra 1500C. While these steam cleaners are already an excellent choice and represent some of the best steam cleaners on the market, they are also unique because of their patented removable heating elements. Unlike similar cleaning equipment which would require that you replace the entire boiler at a price of around $600 or more if it fails, with the KleenJet ® steam cleaners you only have to worry about replacing the heating element which costs considerably less. That means your steam cleaner will last longer and will cost considerably less to keep running down the road.

Additionally, the KleenJet® cleaning equipment comes with several other important and unique technologies. One example is KleenJet® SuperSteam which makes it possible for the boiler of your steam cleaner to reach and sustain much higher temperatures than you'll find with other steam cleaners. The highest powered KleenJet ® cleaning equipment can reach temperatures of up to 360°F which is well beyond the temperature to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect almost any surface.

Another important patented technology is the self-cleaning boilers found in this cleaning equipment. Because the boilers clean themselves, the machines require considerably less maintenance than other cleaning equipment. Thanks to this technology the KleenJet steam cleaners tend to last longer which makes them a better investment.

While the steam cleaners may be impressive examples of cleaning equipment that does live up to its promises thanks to these innovative technologies, they are not alone in revolutionizing the industry. A final technology worth mentioning are the Eco-Green® cleaning solutions. These environmentally safe chemicals are unlike anything else on the market. For one, they are plant-based solutions which can be greatly diluted and can be used without any risk of damaging the environment. Plus, these chemicals have been found more effective than traditional cleaning solutions. They can accomplish more in neutral PH versus competitive alkaline and acidic, hazardous cleaning chemicals. Eco-Green® cleaning chemicals won't damage your surfaces or negatively affect indoor air quality in any negative way whatsoever.

Overall, choosing the right cleaning equipment for your needs means more than just buying the first machines and solutions you find at the store. Instead, you should be doing your homework and learning about new technologies like these so you'll be able to make more cost-effective choices when it comes to buying your cleaning equipment.

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