The Daimer® Difference: KleenJet® Steam Cleaners for Various Applications

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Advanced Boiler Design

Refill Technologies for Continuous Cleaning

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Advanced Boiler Design for Efficiency and Durability

Stainless Steel Boilers

Daimer's KleenJet® boilers are manufactured with the heaviest-gauge stainless steel in the industry and can withstand up to 800 psi of pressure and temperatures over 360°F. Some competitors use lightweight aluminum boilers that have a shorter lifespan.

Removable Heating Rods

KleenJet® boilers feature a replaceable heating element. In the event of boiler failure, the low-cost heating element can be replaced. Most steam cleaners on the market feature heating elements welded to the boiler. In the event of a failure, the entire boiler must be replaced -- this can cost $1000 or more. Daimer®'s replaceable heating element boiler design offers inexpensive repairs and maximum boiler efficiency.

Self Cleaning Configuration

This technology keeps boiler clear of scale and calcium buildup that can shorten lifespan and decrease steam volume and temperature.

Refill Technologies for Continuous Cleaning

Continuous Refill

This design allows water to automatically flow from a non-pressurized chamber directly into the boiler as needed. Daimer®'s Continuous Refill operates as follows. The boiler contains super heated water. As this water is used, the machine adds water from the refill chamber which mixes with the super heated water. The boiler maintains high temperature even as water from the refill tank is added. The refill chamber features a non-pressurized cap that allows water to be added during use. Machines without continuous refill feature a traditional pressure cap. As a result, the machine must be turned off and depressurized before refilling. The user must then wait for the machine to reheat. This process can take more than 20 minutes. Eliminating this process with continuous refill machines maximizes productivity.

Direct Water Feed (Available on 5000 and higher series)

This feature allows the steam cleaner to be connected to a water line in similar fashion as a pressure washer. The system them draws water as needed without requiring the operator to refill the machine manually. Systems with direct water feed also allow for continuous refill. The machines include a separate water chamber for manually refilling the system if a hose line is not available or if the user prefers not to use direct water feed.

Patented Steam Technology for Maximum Cleaning Power

"Dry" Vapor Steam

Our steam cleaners generate dry vapor steam with a water content of only 5% water. Dry vapor steam cleans more efficiently with less water use and waste. As a result, Daimer®'s KleenJet® systems can be considered "green."

Super Steam Technology

This feature generates dense steam with temperatures up to (360°F) for maximum cleaning and sanitizing.

User-Adjustable Steam Pressure

An easy-to-use dial or switch, depending on the model, that allows operators match pressures and temperatures to the application.

Extraction Technology

Integrated Vacuums

Daimer® offers more than 70 steam cleaners featuring attached vacuums to extract dissolved residues, leaving surfaces clean and eliminating the extra task of wiping after applying steam. The integrated design allows KleenJet®'s to simultaneously dissolve dirt and extract the waste. Extraction means a KleenJet® can be used as a steam cleaner, steam vacuum cleaner, or wet/dry vac.

Filtration Systems

All KleenJet® series 500, 1000, 3000, 5000 machines include HEPA and water filtration to capture allergens that can aggravate health conditions.

Durable Design, Long Lasting Components

Rugged Cases

Machines are housed in heavy-duty plastic, stainless steel, or a combination of the two to provide maximum durability and prolonged machine life.

Detachable Steam Cleaner Hoses

These hoses last longer and are less likely to fail than common attached hoses. In case of a problem, users can order a new hose and replace it themselves. Many competitors use permanent hoses, which, in case of failure, require that the entire machine be shipped to a service center.

Industrial Strength Plastic Wands

Daimer® uses the heaviest-duty composites that do not conduct heat and will not burn user's hands like metal wands.

Specialty Systems: Gum Removers and Sanitizing Equipment

Gum Exterminator®

Daimer's gum removal machines are designed with speed and efficiency in mind for the most complete, professional gum removal results. The machines include a powerful steam cleaner, an integrated vacuum for simultaneous extraction, and an advanced gum removal subsystem. The subsystem is composed of a two-bladed squeegee, heavy-duty stainless steel brushes, and Gum Exterminator® Liquid. The six included brushes are extra-long, extra-durable and designed to outlast brushes offered by competitors.

The Gum Exterminator® liquid is now 40% more concentrated and includes 4 gallons that make up to 44 gallons of gum dissolving solution. Additionally, the included simultaneous extraction allows operators to remove all gum residues without wiping or hand scrubbing. Machines without vacuum extraction leave behind a sticky mess that must be manually removed.

Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™ (ATIS®)

This patent pending, EPA-Registered, anti-bacterial/anti-microbial technology killed 99.9% of the germs in laboratory tests. Among the microorganisms tested: staph infections (Staphylococcus aureus), mold (Aspergillus niger), Listeria monocytogene, E. coli, Salmonella cholerasuis, and others. These machines are ideal for healthcare applications, nursing homes, schools, restaurants and hospitality operations

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