Eco-Green® Chemicals Reseller Programs

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Daimer offers special programs for Branded Re-Sellers, Private Label Distributors, Blending Manufacturers and Custom Chemical Formulators. Information on each program can be found below.

Eco-Green® green chemicals are available to resellers in practically all countries in the world, including: Argentina, Aruba, Australia, The Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Greece ... Vietnam.

Please contact us now if you are interested in importing into your country.

Increase revenues by providing your customers with the green chemical choices they are demanding, while helping them reduce their costs by eliminating hazardous material disposal and the liability associated with toxic/harmful substances.

Daimer® works with resellers by:

1. Handling labeling and packaging of private labeled chemicals.
2. Providing MSDS sheets.
3. Assisting with development of new green chemical formulas for your specific applications.

Do you have a problem for which you would like a very special green chemical to solve? Daimer offers the proprietary nano-based chemistry to create chemicals related to cleaning, agriculture, pest control, etc. If you needs assistance, want a competitive edge in your industry, and seek an environmentally friendly green chemical that works on a molecular level and more effectively than others in the world, then Daimer and Eco-Green® are your answers.

Branded Re-Sellers

Daimer offers discounted pricing to re-sellers that want to offer their customers Eco-Green® branded formulations. Provide your customers with safe, effective, bio-based alternatives to the hazardous chemicals currently available. Daimer is an industry leader in environmentally friendly alternatives and has brand recognition worldwide. We offer timely delivery and unmatched support for our customers. Read more for Branded Re-Sellers.

Private Label Distributors

For businesses that want to promote and sell proprietary-named products to increase their brand awareness and yield higher profit margins, Daimer offers a unique opportunity to private label Eco-Green® ecologically-friendly green chemicals. Daimer's expert staff can help your brand generate sales and increase profits. Our services include product naming, trademark application and acquisition, label creation, packaging, shipping, toll manufacturing and other assistance with special formulations. Read more for Private Label Distributors.

Blending Manufacturers

We at Daimer offer specially-formulated, super-concentrated chemicals using a proprietary nano-based chemistry in 55 gallon drums and 275-gallon totes. We provide editable MSDS sheets and directions for use so you can promote and sell your own proprietary named products, increase your brand awareness and produce higher profit margins. Our turnkey program helps get your business up to speed with a green product line with low manufacturer-direct pricing. You can select from a range of Eco-Green® blender base formulations, dilution of which requires the use of both milling and mixing equipment. Read more for Blending Manufacturers.

Custom Chemical Formulators

The possibilities at Daimer are endless. We can work with you to provide solutions to the toughest problems using our unique environmentally-friendly chemicals. We can adjust dilutions, change scents and develop new products to meet the varying needs of today's complex workplace. Read more for Custom Chemical Formulators.

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