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Electric Powered

Electric Powered Industrial Pressure Washers

Every business and organization could use the assistance of Daimer's Super Max ® electric pressure washers to fulfill mostly every cleaning need. The range of situations for which electric powered pressure washers can be used is almost infinite. Recreational attractions such as zoos and parks are able to maintain a clean look with Daimer's electric pressure washers. The beauty and cleanliness of your commercial or industrial property will ensure visitors or clients return in the near future. Nothing turns people away more than unclean hard surface appearance, but Daimer's oil, gas, propane, natural gas heated or just all electric pressure washers will help you clean better than ever.

Now with the electric powered pressure washers from Daimer, property maintenance has never been easier. These electric commercial industrial pressure washers meet virtually all your cleaning needs, depending upon the type of electric pressure washers under consideration. You can choose a hot water electric pressure washers or those electric pressure washers that feature our tri-mode technology system. Daimer's tri-mode electric pressure washers can be used as cold electric pressure washers, hot water electric pressure washers or steam electric pressure washers. Virtually any surface can be targeted with our electric pressure washers.

Our tri-mode technology allows you to help remove grease, dirt, grime, chewing gum, and most other substances from building walls, sidewalks, walkways, pavers, concrete, cement, brick, stone, and many other outdoor surfaces. The best cleaning power can be achieved when you used Super Max ® electric pressure washers in the wet steam mode, which can clean surfaces extraordinarily better than any other cold water electric pressure washers or hot water electric pressure washers in the industry.

Health inspectors love the results achieved using Daimer's electric pressure washers. Food service facilities require Daimer's hot water and wet steam modes when using our tri-mode electric pressure washers to clean both inside and outside their facilities; the use of our electric pressure washers help prevent nuisance insects and rodents from appearing and potentially causing the closing of a facility.

The majority of food service facilities use quarry tile, which is wonderful to protect employees from slippage when oily and greasy, but it is also very difficult to clean due its highly porous quality. One of the most frustrating parts of food service and restaurant cleaning is properly and effectively cleaning tile pores, grooves, etc. The great news is Daimer's electric pressure washers in steam mode will absolutely dissolve substances within the quarry or other porous tile surface in seconds, and without the need for harmful or other chemicals. Grout cleaning using steam is an absolute snap as the substances within grout pores are dissolved before your eyes. Equipment legs, drains, grease laden restaurant equipment, FRP/stainless/tile/concrete and most other wall surfaces, dumpsters, concrete, concrete, driveways, walkways, pavers, and many others can be cleaned exceptionally well using Daimer's electric pressure washers with heat. We can even help you clean even tiny 1" restroom tile and grout surfaces fast and easily using the power of heat from our electric pressure washers.

Daimer electric powered pressure washers come in a variety of models to fit your individual cleaning needs. These commercial industrial electric pressure washers are available at relatively affordable prices and are great for both commercial and industrial customers seeking the most heavy duty electric pressure washers in the industry. We challenge any other provider of electric pressure washers to offer models that are as rugged and long lasting as Daimer's electric pressure washers. Simply plug our electric pressure washer s into a power source and if using a tri-mode system offering a heating source of gas, oil, propane, or natural gas, and start to clean your surfaces.

Don't waste precious time and money on inferior electric powered pressure washers when you can get the best and most popular commercial industrial electric pressure washers from Daimer. Make a smart choice when it comes to keeping surfaces appearing their absolute best and choose durable and ultra-efficient Daimer electric pressure washers for virtually all of your commercial and industrial electric pressure washer requirements.

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