Compare Green Carpet Cleaners, Regular Carpet Cleaners

There are two types of home and commercial industrial carpet cleaners available on the market: those that are environmentally-friendly, otherwise known as 'green', and those that work through an assortment of hazardous and unhealthy carpet cleaning chemicals. Unfortunately, the latter is more popular because of two reasons: availability and the fact that many people just don't know how harmful they are to both individual health and the environment. Trends need to turn towards purchasing more green carpet cleaners simply because the chemicals contained within them, (if any), are safer than chemicals found within the average carpet cleaner.

What types of home, and commercial carpet shampoo chemicals make up the composition of regular carpet cleaners? Some chemical substances will not be listed on the container of the carpet cleaner because they are considered the company's 'secret.' It doesn't matter, as the ones that are listed tend to be harmful themselves. These include a mixture of acids, solvents, sequestrates, silicates, disinfectants, propellants and surfactants. To find out how damaging a specific carpet cleaner chemical is, a consumer does have the option of searching the Household Product Database. This database is found on the website of the National Institutes of Health. After typing in the name of the chemical, (which can be found on the label of the carpet cleaner), the database will pull up information regarding the chemical's health effects along with which products use it.

There is an additional environmental danger associated with regular carpet cleaners that is not as well known among the general public: water pollution. This can happened if water from carpet cleaning is disposed of in a toilet or drain. To properly dispose of water from carpet cleaning, one must first filter it then send it to a sanitary sewer. A containment system can be used for holding the water until it is put in a sanitary sewer. Green carpet cleaning solutions do not contain chemicals that cause these types of problems.

Most of what is found in green carpet cleaning solutions is all natural in nature. These include completely plant-based materials. These ingredients can do just as much as the chemicals found in regular carpet cleaning solutions. This includes breaking down dirt, scenting the carpet and removing stains. They are just able to do all these things without being a threat to the environment. Daimer's Eco-Green ®, (the carpet shampoo or carpet cleaning chemical of which is encouraged in conjunction with XTreme Power® carpet cleaners), is a popular example of a green carpet shampoo or carpet cleaning solution.

In conclusion, in the world of carpet cleaning the only carpet cleaning contender that should be considered are those that are green. Why? It is because what is in green carpet cleaners won't result in a person getting sick. Green carpet cleaners won't release chemical byproducts into the air. Green carpet cleaners won't pollute the water supply. What green carpet cleaners will do is revitalize dirty or stained carpets. Indeed, those that decide to use green carpet cleaners during their next carpet cleaning venture should feel proud of themselves because they are taking a small yet much-needed step towards preserving not only their health, but the health of the environment.

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