Chemicals - Green Cleaning Products for Janitorial/Maintenance

Chemicals - Green Cleaning Products for Janitorial/Maintenance
1 Chemicals - Green Cleaning Products for Janitorial/Maintenance
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Chemicals - Green Cleaning Products for Janitorial/Maintenance
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Chemicals - Green Cleaning Products for Janitorial/Maintenance

Green Cleaning Products

In today's marketplace, maintenance of facilities is a key component in business. After all, the level of cleanliness of commercial and industrial business can deter or attract customer. However, in many cases, janitorial cleaning of these facilities involves the use of harmful chemicals. While these chemicals do get the job done, they do so at a cost - the health and safety of employees and even customers. For proper maintenance while guaranteeing the good health of your employees and customers, consider choosing green cleaning suppliers like Daimer®.

Daimer® has introduced a line of green cleaning products for commercial and industrial maintenance called Eco-Green®. Unlike the hazardous ingredients used in competing chemicals, Eco-Green® green cleaning solutions are derived from plant-based ingredients; this makes them safe for all users and people who come in contact with cleaned surfaces. Additionally, their readily biodegradable nature ensures that each Eco-Green® product is safe for the environment.

Commercial and industrial users often question the effectiveness of such safe chemicals. However, Daimer® understands the demanding applications our customers face on a daily basis. To meet these needs, Eco-Green® green cleaning products use proprietary green technologies to be both safe and powerful. This is in contrast to other green cleaning suppliers who boast environmental safety but lack sufficient power for heavy-duty applications.

Utilizing revolutionary colloidal technology and green chemistry, Eco-Green® green cleaning solutions feature super-small Micro-Blasting® molecules. These nano-molecules are actually 50-100x smaller than those found in other soaps and detergents, enabling them to penetrate grease and dirt molecules and break the carbon bonds holding them together. Additionally, Eco-Green® solutions encapsulate and emulsify virtually all hydrocarbon residues, like grease, oil, proteins, fats, and more; rendering them virtually incapable of re-adhering to cleaned surfaces.

Let's look at a few Eco-Green® green cleaning products that can make your janitorial or maintenance job a success. Eco-Green® Carpet Care can remove the toughest carpet stains quickly, like pet stains, ink stains, food and drink residues, dairy stains, and more. Additionally, this solution can be used in conjunction with green cleaning products like carpet extractors for achieving the best carpet cleaning results.

Eco-Green® Concrete Cleaner with Rust Stain Remover can remove stubborn rust, grease, mildew, and other stains from virtually all concrete surfaces. This too can be used in green cleaning products like pressure washers for large concrete cleaning applications like parking lots.

While these green cleaning solutions and more in the Eco-Green® line can accomplish virtually any cleaning task you face, janitorial upkeep encompasses other applications as well. Proper maintenance of air conditioning and heating coils can be achieved through the use of Eco-Green® Evaporator Coil Cleaner. This formula can reduce energy costs by improving heat transfer and reducing efficiency losses triggered by scale, rust, and corrosion.

No matter what your janitorial or maintenance application may be, choose green cleaning suppliers like Daimer® that offer you solutions with cleaning power, environmental and user safety, and the versatility of use with other green cleaning products.

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