Heavy Forestry Vehicle Detailing

Heavy Forestry Vehicle Detailing
3 Heavy Forestry Vehicle Detailing
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Pressure Washers with Advanced Features for Forestry Vehicle Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance of forestry vehicles is one of the toughest tasks faced by vehicle detailing services. Forestry vehicles have tracked wheels, which attract various types of dirt and debris during their movement on rough, marshy, and muddy terrains of forest. Heavy forestry vehicle detailing equipment with advanced features and tools is necessary for keeping the vehicles in top shape.

Machines with Specific Features Can Clean Embedded Dirt and Grime Faster

Forestry vehicles can quickly attract, dirty soil, a variety of vegetation and seeds, grease, oil, and petroleum residue. Using ordinary cleaning methods and tools will fall way short of expectations, due to the vast challenges involved in removing the encrusted soil and mud from the tread of wheels. Using powerful forestry vehicle cleaning equipment designed specifically for heavy-duty cleaning can help in keeping these vehicles road fit.

Cleaning professionals prefer using top quality, rugged, and powerful pressure washers for cleaning of forestry vehicles. Powerful versions of pressure washer machines designed to tackle highly challenging cleaning applications can meet the challenges of cleaning forestry vehicles easily. They are available in various categories and can be used to fulfill the need of specific cleaning applications in various industries.

Pressure Washers for Comprehensive Cleaning of Forestry Vehicles

It is important to choose the right model of pressure washer that is equipped with the technology to perform as forestry vehicle cleaning equipment. The pressure level and steam temperatures must be good enough to help operators deal with tasks, such as cleaning feller buncher, harvester, skidder, track harvester, wheel skidder, and other most vulnerable parts of forestry vehicles.

Other features to look for in a forestry vehicle pressure cleaner:

  • Multiple temperatures: The pressure washer should be able to work independently as wet steam, hot water, and cold water pressure washer.
  • High flow rate for faster and better cleaning.
  • Converts cold to hot water with wet steam quickly.
  • Allows operators to use the system non-stop for long periods.

A robust and features-rich pressure washer, which boasts of 3000 PSI pressure level, can be just the kind of cleaning system needed for forestry vehicles cleaning.

Daimer®’s Super Max™ machines are the best cleaning machines for forestry vehicle cleaning. The company offers the power of diesel functionality in their model, the Super Max™ 12885. With a pressure level of 3500 PSI and variable temperature options, the machine can be the best forestry vehicle pressure wash system. Daimer®'s Long Hose Technology also ensures optimal power even when using hoses up to 300 feet in length. It also increases the reach of the machine. Most models in the Super Max™ series come equipped with the two-gun operation features by which multiple operators can clean the forestry vehicle using the same cleaning unit.

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