Industrial Degreasers

Daimer Industries® is the world's leading provider of the most powerful, environmentally safe green chemicals. What sets Eco-Green® green cleaners apart from the products offered by competitors is their use of plant-based ingredients and Micro-Blasting® technology to provide the utmost in cleaning power and safety for the user, the surface, and the environment.

Among Daimer®'s line of powerful green chemicals is an array of robust Eco-Green® industrial degreasers. These degreaser products employ Micro-Blasting® technology, which utilizes nano-sized micelles to penetrate and break the bonds holding grease molecules together. Grease molecules are blasted into billions of miniscule particles that are encapsulated and emulsified in water. This enables operators to easily wash away even the most stubborn grease deposits for virtually any commercial and industrial application.

Why Choose a Natural Degreaser?

In the past, industrial degreasers were potent, chemical-based compounds derived from hazardous ingredients. Despite their effectiveness, these formulas caused significant harm to the environment and the user, in addition to the surface itself. Green industrial cleaner products were often overlooked, thought to be not powerful enough.

Daimer® has set out to put these misconceptions aside. Daimer®'s robust degreaser products are even more powerful than many chemically-based industrial degreasers currently on the market, with none of the hazardous side effects. In fact, all Eco-Green® chemicals are derived from food-grade, plant-based ingredients to ensure their non-toxic, readily biodegradable nature.

Different Types of Industrial Degreasers

To meet the varying degreasing needs of commercial and industrial users, Daimer® offers a number of different degreaser cleaner formulas in the Eco-Green line. Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser is a robust formula designed to dissolve grease, dirt, and oil found on floors, equipment, and other types of machinery in industrial settings. For even greater degreasing power, Daimer® offers Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Super Duty Degreaser. This ultra-powerful degreaser cleaner removes the heaviest build-up of grease and oil for the most demanding applications, as with those in gas stations, auto repair shops, industrial and shop floors, and more.

Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Parts Washer & Cleaner is yet another one of Daimer®'s unique degreaser products. This industrial cleaner has been specially formulated to dissolve and remove oils, greases, sugars, fats, hydrocarbon residues, and a number of other deposits and stains that tarnish machine parts and tools in commercial and industrial facilities. Best of all, each of these three formulas is a natural degreaser. This ensures that grease is removed quickly and effectively, without risk of re-deposition onto cleaned surfaces. The safety of the user, the environment, and the surface are also maintained.

In addition to its degreasing line, Daimer® offers a number of different Eco-Green® formulas. Among these are: industrial carpet cleaner formulas, deodorizers, graffiti removers, coil cleaners, concrete cleaners, glass cleaners, car washes, truck washes, tile cleaners, and more. From industrial carpet cleaner products to robust degreasers, Daimer® has your industrial needs covered with Eco-Green®.

Industrial Degreasers

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Industrial Degreasers