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High Performance Lawn Mower Cleaning Machines

Lawn mowers are required to be cleaned regularly, and before storing them for the season, you have to ensure that the oil has been drained and the grease and dirt removed from the external part, so that the machine does not deteriorate under the corrosive effect of dirt.

Lawn mowers come into contact with all types of dirt, from garden soil to plant sap, insects, and mold. That is why giving these machines a thorough cleaning before storage, or when they become very dirty, is required for proper care and maintenance.

Cleaning Decks and Tires: Why It Is Important?

Dirt is mostly found on the undercarriage and deck, and it can be removed with the help of a high pressure washer. This type of lawn mower cleaning equipment has many advantages.

The other parts that get dirty are the tires. Dirty tires hamper smooth movement of the machine, resulting in haphazard cutting. Before pressure washing, adequate safety measures are recommended, such as disconnecting the machine from the power supply and removing the blades.

How Grease Coated Engines Can Be Cleaned?

Cleaning the engines is one of the most important roles of a lawn mower pressure washer. The engines are repositories of grime and soot. The right lawn mower pressure cleaning equipment eliminates the grime quickly. It helps, if you are using a machine that utilizes hot water, such as Daimer®'s Super Max™ 7000, with pressure levels up to 1000 PSI and flow rate of 2.5 GPM.

This lawn mower pressure washer has moderate flow rate. Moreover, it generates heat up to 330°F for wet steam cleaning. If you wish to wash the lawn mower with hot water, you can set the temperature to anywhere between 180°F to 210°F.

Which Are the Best Lawn Mower Cleaning Machines?

Daimer®'s machines have varied power methods and heating systems. The Super Max™ 7000 is a propane heated machine, running on electricity. If you feel that using an electric machine with oil-based heating is more convenient, you could wash the lawn mower with the Super Max™ 12820. This machine features flow rates of 3 GPM and pressure levels of 1500 PSI.

The Super Max™ 12820 offers different heating choices: heating oil, kerosene, or diesel. It has a fuel capacity of 9 gallons and requires just 30 seconds to heat water, making it one of the most productive lawn mower cleaning machines. It also features high pressure injection method of chemical infusion, ensuring that you get to use cleaning chemicals in the most effective manner.

Daimer®'s range of lawn mower detailing equipment makes pressure washing a lawn mower an easy and quick task. This type of lawn mower cleaning machine also eliminates most of the grime found on the machines, extending machine lifespan and minimizing the likelihood of corrosion.

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