Best MRO Cleaning Equipment and Green Cleaning Chemicals

Business managers become successful by looking for ways to cut costs and boost efficiency. The best managers are able to strike a careful balance between these two extremes. Unfortunately, these same managers often overlook important ways to achieve those same goals when it comes to MRO and, in particular, cleaning equipment purchases.

MRO, as you may already know, stands for maintenance, repair, and operations. In businesses, MRO basically refers to everything that goes on behind the scenes that makes sure the commercial or industrial facility can keep operating in great condition, including changing light bulbs, fixing broken shelves, and keeping those floors clean. Purchasing the right commercial industrial cleaning equipment for the job is the key to finding balance between cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Daimer steam cleaners are one example of cleaning equipment that can make a difference in a business's bottom line. The KleenJet ® Ultra 1500C, for example, combines the long lasting quality of stainless steel construction with high-pressure cleaning at temperatures high enough to sanitize nearly any area. The KleenJet Ultra ® 1500C delivers up to 89 psi at temperatures of up to 320°F. The commercial steam cleaner is versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces. That versatility means the unit pays for itself in no time.

Another one of Daimer's products that can be a great choice when it comes to MRO is their Eco-Green ® line of cleaning chemicals. Unlike most harsh chemicals used commercially, these products will not harm the environment and neutral PH so they won't be damaging to your facility or to your health. They also provide significant cleaning power. MRO managers can use these cleaning chemical solutions with most of Daimer's commercial industrial cleaning equipment for a powerful combination.

Cleaning equipment for floors often includes a need for floor buffers, floor scrubbers, and burnishers. Paying another company to handle these jobs for you regularly can get very expensive especially if they bring their cleaning equipment to you. Instead, Daimer offers hard surface cleaning machines that are cost-effective and that do an amazing job. For instance, the XTreme Power ® HSC 14000 can clean up to 1,000 square feet every hour which means you'll have your cleaning equipment packed away for the night faster than with other floor cleaners. Plus, it works with the Eco-Green ® line of cleaning chemicals so you can have clean results without damaging the environment in any way.

Sometimes you have caked on dirt and grime that needs a tougher hand and that's when pressure washers can come in handy. Pressure washers are great pieces of cleaning equipment because they can eliminate caked on dirt easily and can work on a wide variety of surfaces. The Super Max ® 6000, for instance, can shoot out water or steam at 750 psi at very hot steam temperatures up to 3330F, which means you can use it to clean nearly anything like grease, oil, food substances, gum, candy, and most other substances that stick to floors and walls. Plus, you can choose to use water, hot water, or steam for your cleaning depending on what needs to be taken care of with this piece of cleaning equipment.

If you need a better way to save money on your MRO costs, Daimer provides some of the best cleaning equipment and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions available.

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