Carpet Cleaners Offer Contractors Auto Fill, Dump
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. – December 31, 2010 - Daimer Industries, Inc.®, a primary vendor of professional-caliber cleaning products, released shipment details of a new commercial series of carpet cleaners engineered for cleaning contractors. The high-heat XTreme Power® XPH-9600 line offers the highest temperatures and pressure levels in its class and now adds automated filling and dumping capabilities designed to increase worker productivity.

Electric Power Washers Offer 2.3 GPM at 205°F
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. – December 31, 2010 -- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, recognized as a major vendor of electric power washers, has now shipped a series of Vapor-Flo® 8980 machines. The new mobile equipment is Daimer®'s highest temperature all electric 2.3 GPM offering. The electrically heated-and-powered pressure washers are capable of reaching temperatures of 205°F with an exhaust-free heating subsystem. As a result, the electric power washers are being marketed for applications around food, plants, animals, and people. The machines were engineered to eliminate grease, stains and ground-in dirt.

Car Pressure Washer Systems for 50 Hz Markets
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. – December 31, 2010 - Daimer Industries®, a globally proven supplier of 50 Hz car pressure washer systems, is now shipping a new line that supports both trailer mounting and multiple-gun operation. The new Super Max™ 12805 power washers produce high-temperature super-moist steam and just enough pressure and flow to clean tough residues from fragile automotive parts and painted finishes.

Value-Positioned Bed Bug Extermination Systems for Retail Stores
WOBURN, MA, USA – December 31, 2010 – Daimer Industries Inc.®, a primary vendor pest elimination steam cleaners, has shipped the 1000CV, a value-positioned line of bed bug extermination machines for retailers facing infestations.

Low-Pile Carpet Steamer Machines for Contractors
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. – December 31, 2010 - Daimer Industries, Inc.®, a leading provider of contractor-caliber carpet steamer machines, has now released a line tailored toward low-pile applications in the largest institutions. The highly heated XTreme Power® XPH-9650 line provides maximum temperatures and pressure levels in a canister-style system. The machines also feature automated filling/dumping capabilities for added productivity.

Filtration Steam Floor Cleaners Available in 50 Hz
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. – December 31, 2010 -- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, a supplier of vacuum steam floor cleaners to cleaning contractors internationally, introduced a 50 Hz line of Supreme 3050CV machines. The systems have been designed to include dual filtration systems that combat dust, allergens, and other unhealthy particles.

Anti MRSA Steam Cleaner Machines Offer Entry Pricing, Power Options
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. – December 31, 2010 -- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, which is known for offering advanced antiseptic steam cleaner machines, provided details for its lowest cost commercial MRSA-eliminating machines. Each of the six Ultra KleenJet® 10100 machines has been engineered to manage antiseptic/germ removing applications in hospitality, education, military and healthcare facilities – environments known to be inhabited by MRSA bacteria. The new machines are equipped with Daimer®'s updated ATIS® germ-destroying, EPA-compliant technology.

Retail Bed Bug Extermination Systems Kill Germs and Insects
WOBURN, MA USA – December 28, 2010 – Daimer Industries Inc.®, known worldwide for institutional-grade steam cleaners, disclosed details on three bed bug extermination systems that eradicate both germs and bugs. The machines include the 1000CVP, 3000CVP, and 5000CVP.

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