Daimer Announces 50 Hz Steam Cleaners with Gum Removal Systems
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. – April 9, 2010 - Daimer Industries®, an industrial supplier of steam cleaners and sanitization systems, has introduced six chewing gum removal steam cleaners for international markets requiring 50 Hz power. The professional-grade machines have been tested to remove 1000s of pieces of gum per day.

Daimer Announces Gum Cleaning Equipment for Cleaning Contractors
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. – April 9, 2010 - Daimer Industries®, an established provider of steam cleaning equipment, has just announced a line of gum cleaning equipment for cleaning contractors. The industrial-grade machines remove 1000s of chewing gum wads per day and include enough gum dissolving solution to make up to 44 gallons of gum removing formula.

Daimer Gum-Exterminator Liquid Now 40% More Concentrated
WOBURN, MA U.S.A. - April 9, 2010 - Daimer Industries®, a global supplier of chewing gum removal machines, will now offer its Gum-Exterminator® chewing gum removal equipment with a new, more concentrated gum dissolving formula that produces 40% more solution than the previous gum removal formula. The advanced formula is more concentrated than competing solutions currently on the market.

New Green Cleaning Chemicals Remove Grease without Dangerous Solvents
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. – April 9, 2010 – Daimer Industries® Inc., an internationally-recognized source of green cleaners, plant-based green cleaning chemicals and non-toxic green products, released a public works version of its Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser, a soy-based degreasing agent that dissolves greasy oil on surfaces and machinery.

High-Heat 50 Hz Carpet Cleaners Generate 10.3 Bar for Vehicles, Upholstery
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. – April 9, 2010 - Daimer Industries, Inc.®, recognized globally for its heated auto detailing carpet cleaners, just announced a new line of high-temperature 50 Hz cleaning machines designed for cleaning automobiles and upholstery, as well as spot stain removing. XTreme Power® XPH-9350U carpet shampooers provide the most pressure in Daimer®'s 50 Hz line of heated auto detailing and upholstery cleaners for markets outside the U.S.

Daimer Ships the First 230V Pressure Washer with Long Hose Engineering
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. – April 9, 2010 -- Daimer® Industries, an internationally recognized vendor of industrial cleaning technology, has shipped Long Hose Technology (LHT) versions of its in high-end Super Max™ 12200 pressure washer. LHT design means the pump and propane heating units for these systems can reside in an exhaust compatible space, while the operator uses a cleaning wand attached by a hose more than 290 feet away. An exhaust compatible space can be outdoors or indoors in a ventilated machinery, shop, or boiler room.

Sanitizing Gum Cleaning System Offers Maximum Performance for Schools
WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. –April 2, 2010- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, a provider of steam cleaning equipment for educational institutions, released an industrial-caliber gum cleaning machine for the most demanding educational consumers. The KleenJet® Ultra 5000CVGP offers top of the line power, plus gum removal and sanitization capabilities.

Mid-Range 50 Hz Carpet Cleaners Balance Portability, Performance, and Price
WOBURN, MA U.S.A. – April 2, 2010 - Daimer Industries, Inc.®, an internationally-known vendor of commercial-class carpet cleaners, announced availability of a new line of heated, small-form-factor 50 Hz carpet shampooers. The XTreme Power XPH-5850T systems balance compact size, light-weight, low price and advanced performance for carpet cleaning professionals seeking a 50 Hz machine.

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