True Steam Cleaner Pressure Variability

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True Steam Cleaner Pressure Variability and its Importance in Maximizing Cleaning Power

Steam Pressure Control Options Make a World of Difference and Sets Us Apart From the Others!

Why limit yourself to what essentially comes down to only one meaningful pressure setting on most steam cleaners when you can take advantage of Daimer's steam cleaners offering True Steam Cleaner Pressure Variability? Why limit yourself when Daimer offers so many options?

Importantly, steam cleaners with pressure ratings under 80 psi benefit greatly from steam pressure adjustability located on the steam cleaners themselves while higher steam cleaner pressure systems above 80 psi work very effectively with fingertip control, or steam cleaner pressure controls located conveniently on the steam cleaners' hose handle.

Daimer's 65 and 75 psi steam cleaners offer the greatest versatility with pressure control on the steam cleaner unit itself! We designed our steam cleaners because we did not want our customers to be limited to what is realistically one working steam cleaner power setting like other brands of steam cleaners on the market. We offer a steam cleaner pressure dial that is as simple to turn as a radio dial, and users benefit from the important True Steam Cleaner Pressure Variability feature that most others in the industry fail to configure with their steam cleaners. Users can simply dial to a pressure setting that is optimized to maintain ideal pressure and temperature and just "go to work"!

Unfortunately, many vendors offering steam cleaners primarily to the residential community appear to lack the true understanding of steam cleaner pressure and its impact on cleaning power. Daimer's offers the largest steam cleaner line in the industry and we have deep knowledge and experience in commercial and industrial sectors; we supply a larger and more varied line of systems to professional cleaning contractors and others than anyone other steam cleaner supplier. We offer to our home users the important information and steam cleaner features that are so very useful to allow them to clean like true professionals!

Some steam cleaner vendors mistakenly think fingertip control is always better than True Steam Cleaner Pressure Variability. Fortunately, we know the truth and you can benefit from our knowledge. The problem with fingertip control on the handle of lower-pressure units (under 80 psi) is it offers only 3 settings at the most. Unfortunately, the low setting is very light to make any real impact on most surfaces and the high setting is too high to allow the maintaining of any meaningful pressure and associated temperature for more than just anywhere from seconds to a couple of minutes before the pressure and temperature drop rather dramatically.

The reality is all steam cleaners' boilers are always working to regain the pressure lost during steaming. Operating at the highest pressure for a length of time limits the boiler's ability to regain its highest pressure and maximize temperature. The steam cleaner user is then left with only the medium setting for most cleaning, which really requires higher rather than lower pressure settings.

We believe the ability to essentially use one meaningful steam cleaner setting on steam cleaners with pressure levels below 80 psi severely limits potential steam cleaner users from using the technology to its maximum cleaning power capabilities.

Steam cleaner pressure regulation is a critical aspect of any steam cleaners. We continually receive calls from dissatisfied users of inexpensive and cheap steam cleaners that lack any pressure regulation whatsoever. In fact, some of these cheap steam cleaner even lack the ability to turn off the steam once it is turned on; this is inconvenient, but may also lead to a potentially dangerous situation if the steam cleaner wand is dropped with pets or children nearby.

An important fact is some steam cleaner applications require a lighter steam setting while others like grout cleaning need the greater force provided by a much higher setting. These higher steam cleaner pressure settings are the most ideal for grout cleaning since sanded grout is just like cement or concrete and requires higher force to help force dirt and most other substances from within the many, many grout pores.

By higher pressure, we do not mean vapor steam that will shoot off the floor and spray all over your walls just as if you were using a high pressure wet steam cleaner such as a pressure washer. Not at all! If you are cleaning grout, the high pressure steam cleaner low moisture vapor concentrates it spray through a steam lance with a brush attached, and movement along the grout line. Any resulting moisture merely accumulates along the tile surface near the grout to be simply wiped away with a mop, microfiber or other tile, or merely extracted if you are using one of Daimer's powerful steam cleaner vacuum models!

The bottom line is light steam cleaner spray from low power steam cleaners will make no impact on grout cleaning whatsoever! If this was the answer, then we would not have the large number of low-priced and low-powered steam cleaner users discarding their systems in favor of Daimer's steam cleaners with the best steam cleaner power available on the market. Our customers buy our steam cleaners because they desire the best steam cleaner features for their cleaning applications.

Trust in Daimer offer the steam cleaner versatility and power you require when you need it.

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