Windshield Washer Fluid Formulas

Windshield Washer Fluid Formulas
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Windshield Washer Fluid Formulas
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Windshield Wash Super Concentrates

Transportation, bus, trucking, fleet maintenance, and other companies have one very specific need in common: the use of extremely large quantities of windshield washer reservoir fluid. Buying in bulk is one solution to this hefty need to fill the windshield washer tank of an abundance of vehicles. However, bulk quantities take up a great deal of storage space.

The need for windshield washer replacement in vehicle fleets can now be fulfilled in much smaller quantities through the use of Eco-Green® Windshield Wash Super Concentrates. These formulas are highly concentrated windshield washer reservoir formulas that can be diluted up to 1500:1, depending on the formula selected. Best of all, they can be mixed by the end user without any special blending equipment. This provides optimum value for fleet management companies while minimizing the storage space required.

Daimer® offers two distinct super concentrate formulas: Eco-Green® Windshield Wash Summer Formula Super Concentrate and Eco-Green® Windshield Wash Winter Formula Super Concentrate. The former is designed with special capabilities to remove bug, bird residue, tree sap, tar, and other hard-to-remove deposits associated with warmer weather. This can be diluted up to 1500:1.

However, the removal of stubborn substances is not the only necessity in some environments. During the winter months or in colder climates, it is essential to keep windshields clean for the safety of the vehicle operator. Many other windshield washer reservoir fluids you put in your windshield washer reservoir freeze and leave you unable to remove the muddy slush, dirt, and salt that are pushed onto your windshield.

Eco-Green® Windshield Wash Winter Formula Super Concentrate is a windshield washer fluid designed for use in even the coldest conditions, as low as -25°F, depending upon the dilution. While preventing refreezing, this formula removes residues associated with cold weather.

While other competitors may boast similar effectiveness, Daimer's Eco-Green® winter windshield washing fluid is one of the only formula in the industry that can do so without harming the environment. Derived from plant-based, food-grade ingredients, this windshield washer fluid is capable of encapsulating and emulsifying residues on windshields, making them easy to remove using the windshield wipers. And, unlike other windshield washer replacement fluids, this windshield washer fluid is readily biodegradable and safe for the environment, plants, animals, and people.

For maximum functionality and value, the winter windshield washer fluid super concentrate can be diluted up to 600:1. This makes Eco-Green® the windshield washer replacement for other brands your fleet maintenance company is using, as it provides optimum effectiveness and freezing point depressants in one readily biodegradable, environmentally-safe windshield washing fluid.

Why fill your windshield washer reservoir with anything else? Eco-Green® solutions for your windshield washer tank are the greenest, safest, and most effective windshield washer fluid formulas in the industry. The only time you will have to worry with Eco-Green® is when your windshield washer reservoir is empty. But, there is no need for concern. With such a high dilution ratio, simply refill your windshield washer tank with Eco-Green® Windshield Wash Winter Formula and go.

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