Windshield Washer Fluid
Windshield Washer Fluid

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Windshield Washer Fluid

Eco-Green® Windshield Wash Formulas

To maintain optimum visibility for drivers of all automobiles, trucks, and vehicles, it is essential to use windshield washer fluid. In fact, each year millions of gallons of this windshield wiper fluid are used in the USA alone. Even though this windshield washer fluid is essential to maintain safe driving conditions, not all formulas are created equal.

Many windshield wiper fluid solutions currently available contain hazardous ingredients and components that can harm the environment, the health and safety of the vehicle operator, and even the vehicle itself. For example, many of the windshield washer fluid solutions for colder climates containing freezing point depressants attained through the addition of methanol. While this addition proves effective in reducing the freezing point, it exhibits corrosive effects on vehicles and can potential harm the health of people who come in contact with it. This windshield wiper fluid not only includes the vehicle operator, but all people and animals that come into contact with runoff from vehicles.

Additionally, methanol-based solutions possess negative side effects on the environment as well. Windshield washer fluid runoff has a tendency to get into the air and water. The millions of gallons used each year add up to increasing air and water pollution.

You may be asking yourself, how can we stop this? The answer is rather easy - purchase green windshield washer fluid. Not only are green windshield wiper fluid alternatives biodegradable and non-toxic, they are also safe for users, the environment, and all exterior and interior surfaces of vehicles.

When it comes to purchasing green windshield washer fluid, Daimer® is your source. Unlike other solutions on the market, Daimer's Eco-Green® windshield washer fluid formulas are comprised of only plant and vegetable ingredients, making them completely safe for people, vehicles, and any environment. Best of all, these solutions are methanol-free and can break down in the environment by over 90% within the first 28 days of deposition.

Not only are Daimer's Eco-Green® windshield washer fluid solutions safe, they are powerful and effective for virtually all climates and locations. In fact, Daimer® offers different green cleaning chemical formulas to meet the particular needs of various seasons or climates. Eco-Green® Windshield Wash Winter Formula is designed for use in freezing conditions, as low as -15°F to -25°F, and is capable of removing road salt, dirt, mud, and other residues characteristic of winter moths and cold climates.

Eco-Green® Windshield Wash Warm Climate Formula removes bug residues, bird splatters, dirt, water spots, road grime, and other substances common to warmer climates. For vehicle operators in multi-season climates, Eco-Green® Windshield Wash All-Season Formula may be the best option. This windshield washer fluid removes all residues associated with both cold and warm weather while capable of working in climates with temperatures reaching a low of -25°F.

For added versatility, Daimer® offers both windshield washer fluid concentrate and RTU formulas. The windshield washer fluid concentrate formulas are ideal for resellers and fleet maintenance professionals looking for bulk windshield washer fluid to sell or to use in a large number of vehicles or trucks. This requires mixing of the bulk windshield washer fluid, at a ratio of up to 1500:1, depending upon the formula selected. To expand the usability of the bulk windshield washer fluid super concentrates, they do not require dilution with special blending equipment, allowing easy and affordable use for trucking companies, car dealerships, and other fleet maintenance companies.

Whether in the market to buy RTU windshield wiper fluid or windshield washer fluid concentrate formulas for warm climates, cold weather, or all seasons, Daimer® is your source for the safest, greenest, and most powerful windshield washer fluid available.

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