Brush Assisted Pull Behind Carpet Cleaners

Brush Assisted Pull Behind Carpet Cleaners

Brush Assisted Pull Behind Carpet Cleaners For Frequent, Fast Carpet Cleaning

Brush assisted pull behind carpet cleaners are useful in areas where fast cleaning of carpets is required. These machines, like their walk-behind counterparts, are required for cleaning carpets in areas with high pedestrian traffic. Walk-behind carpet cleaners from Daimer® have gained popularity among busy commercial establishments. For those who feel pull behind carpet cleaning machines suit their requirements better, Daimer®'s lineup of brush assisted pull behind carpet cleaners are bound to delight.

Cleaning Busy Commercial Areas

A brush assisted pull-behind carpet cleaner, like walk-behind carpet cleaners, is ideal for cleaning large carpeted areas. It is especially suited for cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting in corridors and similar spaces. Like all commercial carpet extractors sold by Daimer®, a brush assisted pull-behind carpet cleaner is notable for its convenient usage, varied applications in different commercial locations, and features that make industrial carpet cleaners productive and effective.

These industrial carpet extractors feature durable pumps, which attain high pressure levels. Commercial carpet cleaners with pull behind functionality also have powerful vacuum motors. This helps build greater vacuum suction, which is one of the highlights of an operator-friendly carpet cleaner. The greater the vacuum suction, the less work it would be to eliminate moisture and detergents, not to mention dirt, from the carpets during the wash process. The fact that a brush assisted machine features brushes that dislodge embedded dirt from carpets only makes the process smoother and faster. The high speed rotation of the brushes is instrumental in eliminating grease, grime, and other impurities embedded deep in the carpets.

Great User Convenience

Every carpet wash machine supplied by Daimer® is designed to be an operator-friendly carpet cleaner. The pull behind style machine has a wide cleaning path, which is another reason behind the high productivity of this power-enhanced carpet cleaning equipment.

A pull behind machine, of course, needs to be mobile. It has to move smoothly with the operators efforts. The machines are mounted on durable, high quality wheels to ensure that the motions are free of jerks.

It is important for you to be able to use the machine for long cleaning operations. Commercial carpet cleaning machines feature a 15 gallon water tank, at the very least. This helps clean more carpets without requiring a pause in operations. Another salient feature is the plethora of accessories sold with these machines. The operator's task is made easier, as the accessories enable varied types of cleaning, and even variation in how the carpets are cleaned.

Like any carpet wash machine sold by Daimer®, these pull behind machines feature low flow rates. Low flow offers advantages, such as less water use, no water logging, and faster carpet drying. Moist carpets are vulnerable to mold, whereas carpets that dry within four to six hours after washing do leave room for growth of mold. To make the carpet wash process ecofriendly and safe, it is recommended that you use a biodegradable detergent. These detergents are non toxic, non combustible, and not corrosive. This type of detergent, when used in combination with Daimer®'s high-quality carpet wash systems, offer a powerful cleaning mechanism to remove most stains and grime from carpets.

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