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Home, Commercial, Industrial, Vapor Steam Cleaners

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Commercial, Industrial Pressure Washers, Steam Pressure Washers

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Home, Commercial, Industrial, Vapor Steam Cleaners

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Home, Commercial, Industrial, Vapor Steam Cleaners

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Very easy to shop. My Kleenjet Pro Plus 300CS has been a real workhorse. It cleaned the grout of our house a couple of times and just took years of grunge off of the linoleum floors of a mobile home we just bought. Great machine!


This Company and employees have been great! We order from them numerous times per year and have always found them to be prompt in filling and shipping our orders and the customer service that is excellent. Our business operation often depends on the order

Tom A. Dirty Grout Company, Florida

The service was great. I called customer service and my call was returned promptly. The delivery was much quicker than I expected.

Diane G - OH

Steam Cleaners: Technologically Superior Machines for Most Cleaning Applications

Daimer Industries® is the undisputed, world's top ranked brand of steam cleaners with customers in over 200 countries. The company's customer list includes the White House, some of the largest and most recognizable national and multi-national names, and hundreds of thousands of others ranging from homeowners, small companies, all branches of the military, health care, hospitality, and many more. Our customer list displayed on the website offers merely a small fraction of Daimer®'s total customer base.

Daimer®'s line includes commercial steam cleaning machines, as well as vapor steam cleaners and industrial steam cleaners. The company offers the best steam cleaners for use within most industries within the economy, both domestically within the United States, as well as all other countries to which Daimer® can legally ship vapor steamers and other products.

The term steam cleaner to one person can mean a commercial steam cleaner that cleans carpeting, while to another person a product that targets hard surfaces, and yet to someone else a machine to be used as a high pressure washing system. Tremendous confusion abounds within the industry, but prospective buyers can rest assured Daimer®'s offers all of the technologies to meet all of these needs.

Importantly, Daimer® employs a large number of Product Specialists with many years of experience to offer those who require the best guidance and direction towards the appropriate technology and specific model. We absolutely do not want anyone to purchase the wrong machine for the targeted applications.

KleenJet® models are vapor steam cleaner machines for low-moisture applications, such as for use as tile steam cleaners. The company's Super Max™ products target wet steam applications, and XTreme Power™ equipment includes models designed for heated carpeting cleaning or upholstery uses. Understanding the specific needs is critical for the buyer to select the best model from the appropriate line of Daimer® technologies, whether it is a home steam cleaner, tile steam cleaner, or even a car steam cleaner.

Daimer® offers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Unlike other brands, Daimer® prides itself in offering only the highest-quality and best components with its vapor steam cleaner and other equipment. Incorporating into the systems proprietary and patented technologies for unparalleled performance, the company ensures the machines will last for many years while customers satisfy their virtually unlimited uses for the products. Customers can rest assured all the parts within all machines are completely replaceable in the rare case it becomes necessary to change a component. Buying Daimer® machines means customers will use systems without the fear of needing to replace them, which unfortunately is a reality with other brands.

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Carpet Cleaner Machines that Have it All

For the removal of dirt, stains, and allergens from carpets and beautification of any place, deep carpet cleaning is very important. Carpet cleaner machines with advanced features help achieve effective cleaning in less time. Daimer® offers a variety of carpet shampooers for handling residential and commercial carpet cleaning applications.

Features That Make Daimer®'s Carpet Cleaners The Best Among The Rest

Carpet cleaner machines from the company offer unsurpassed cleaning results, since these machines can create high temperatures, come with high extraction power, are eco-friendly, offer fast drying, can be transported easily, feature just the right accessories, and are very durable.

Daimer®'s commercial carpet cleaners can reach temperatures up to 210ºF within a few minutes. High temperatures help users easily eliminate deposits and even the toughest stains from carpets. The temperatures can be adjusted as per the cleaning application.

The low flow feature of these carpet rug shampooer systems keeps a check on water consumption. The carpets that use less water dry quickly and are at a lower risk of mold formation.

The carpet cleaning equipment's superior suction capabilities extract every bit of grime after cleaning and leave behind no residues. The cleaning power of these carpet extractor systems increases further with the eco-green chemicals available from Daimer®. These chemicals, when pre-sprayed on carpets and left to dwell for a few minutes, can help remove grime from deep within the carpet fibers.

Wands Available With Daimer®'s Carpet Steam Cleaners

The carpet cleaners from the internationally-renowned supplier come with either a 4 inch wand or a 12 inch wand. The 4 inch wand is used to maintain upholstered furniture and is used for auto detailing, whereas the 12 inch wand is used for cleaning regular carpeting. Customers can purchase both the wands and use the same carpet cleaning equipment for maintaining both upholstery and carpets.

All these features make users opt for Daimer® when it comes to buying the best carpet steam cleaner machine.

Powerful Pressure Washers that Ease the Challenges of Tough Cleaning Tasks

Daimer Industries, Inc.® has won global admiration for its amazing range of pressure washers. These industrial, commercial cleaning machines are designed by taking into consideration the varying commercial and industrial cleaning needs. Every Daimer® cleaning machine is synonymous with high quality, durability, and power. They make the cleaning tasks easier, regardless of the challenges involved.

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Pressure Washers and Power Washers: The Unbeatable Duo

The Super Max™ pressure washing machines are among the most popular cleaning machines and associated with unsurpassed power. When compared to other pressure washer machines on the market, their performance and durability simply towers above others. Incredibly, Daimer® markets over 400 models of power washers and pressure washers to cleaning professionals, business owners, and others who are looking for efficient and durable yet affordable pressure washing equipment. With pressure levels ranging from a lowly 750 psi to an extreme 8000 psi and temperature range that starts from cold water levels to a super hot 330°F, you are sure to find the perfect machine for the specific cleaning needs of your industry.

Do you need a cleaning machine for floor cleaning? Are you looking for high pressure washers that can work quickly and effectively on tough and stubborn floor stains and simply blast them away? Daimer® has just the right kind of machine you are looking for. Their floor cleaning machines are designed to penetrate deep into surface pores and leave the floor clean and free of dirt and germs. The power of steam works better than cold and even hot water pressure washers. Daimer® also offers portable car wash machines with moderate pressures to deliver enhanced cleaning results with minimal effort and in double quick time.

The Super Max™ series is popular among cleaning professionals because it can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks, ranging from light-duty and simple chores to the ones that are extremely challenging and require the power and versatility of pressure washer systems.

Daimer® electric pressure washer machines are designed to make the challenging cleaning tasks in various industrial and commercial facilities easy and effortless. Their gas powered pressure washers can manage a repertoire of cleaning tasks efficiently by employing the latest cleaning technologies. Daimer® cleaning machines are known for their solid construction, high quality of components, and efficiency. All Daimer® products strictly adhere to the international safety standards.

Daimer® Car Detailing Machines: The First Choice of Professionals

Daimer® car steam cleaner systems have proved to be the ideal cleaning machines for a variety of cleaning challenges in the car cleaning industry. They are ideal mobile car wash machines. The car steam cleaners are preferred by cleaning professionals. Their car detailing supplies and car wash equipment are used extensively in the auto detailing business. Car steam cleaner machines from Daimer® are gentle yet effective in their cleaning actions. Daimer® power washers and car detailing supplies are the undisputed first choice, when it comes to car detailing.

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