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truck mount carpet cleaner, truck mount carpet cleaners

  • High-Powered 25 HP gasoline engine
  • Fully Adjustable 1000 PSI pressure and 4.8 GPM
  • Temperatures up to 210ºF
  • Patented XTreme-XTraction® wand Included with special temperature and pressure controls
  • Heat exchanger includes our 2 rugged stainless steel heating coils
  • 200' of hoses

truck mount carpet cleaning equipment

Product Specifications

Warranty System1 Year (Limited)
Engine25 HP
Pressure (Adjustable)1000 Psi
Flow Rate (Max / Adjustable)4.8 GPM
TemperatureUp to 210 F
Heat Exchanger(s) (Stainless)2 Coils
Adjustable Heat Exchanger Temp ControlYes
Max CFM (Airflow)410
Water Lift16" Hg
Vacuum Filters4 Filters in Sequence
Recovery Tank (Stainless)80 Gallons
12" Carpet Wand (XTreme-Xtraction)Included
Special Wand Control - Pressure & TempYes
Vacuum Hose Length200'
Solution Hose Length200'
Dimensions55"L x 32"W x 40"H
Weight550 lbs
Vacuum Safety ValvesYes
Chemical Feed (Adjustable)Yes
Pressure GaugeYes
Hour MeterYes
Pressure Safety ValvesYes
Faucet Adapter KitIncluded
Vacuum Hose Reel Optional
Solution Hose ReelOptional
Adjustable Thermostat Optional
Standard Solution Hose Reel Optional
Inline Auto Dump System Optional
Stair Wand Optional
Upholstery WandOptional
Crevice ToolOptional
12", 4 Jet Squeegee Wand (Hard Surface)Optional
18", 4 Jet Squeegee Wand (Hard Surface)Optional
9" Patented Motorized Spinner (Hard Surface)Optional
19" Patented Motorized Spinner(Hard Surface)Optional
12", 4 Jet Wall Wand (Hard Surface)Optional

Highest-Quality Carpet Cleaning Equipment in the Best Truck Mount Configuration

The XTreme Power® XPH TM 10220 is a powerful and versatile truck mount carpet cleaning equipment designed to tackle the most challenging carpet maintenance applications in vast commercial and industrial settings. High flow rates of 4.8 gpm and pressure levels of 1000 psi endow this quality carpet cleaning equipment with the power needed to get dirty carpets clean and fresh-smelling. The chemical injection function allows users to control the addition of detergents or chemicals into the portable extractors for enhanced cleaning action.

Powered by a 25 HP engine, the XTreme Power® XPH TM 10220 features the most rugged construction that makes it durable enough to withstand rough use for years. For efficient vacuum filtration functions, the carpet steam machines come equipped with four filters in sequence. These professional carpet cleaners also attain an air flow of 410 cfm and a vacuum lift of 16-inch Hg for unmatched cleaning power.

High temperatures are imperative to dissolve dried deposits and stains on carpets. The XTreme Power® XPH TM 10220 is, therefore, empowered with temperatures adjustable up to 210ºF. Adjustable temperature controls of the portable truck mounted carpet steam cleaner systems are especially functional when it comes to maintaining delicate carpets that can get damaged with high temperatures.

With its 200 feet long vacuum hose, the XTreme Power® XPH TM 10220 enables users to maintain large areas without having to move the truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. The 40-gallon recovery tank helps users to work non-stop for hours without having to occasionally dispose the extracted water. The multiple attachments available with the rug washer, such as motorized spinners, squeegee wands, and crevice tool, help maintain hard surfaces.

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