The 12" Patented, XTreme-XTraction™ Single Jet Stair Wand is a rugged, durable wand designed for superior suction capabilities. The XTreme-XTraction™ stair wand includes a 12" adjustable head that performs better than dual-jet wands and is designed to create a tighter seal for 60% greater suction. This stair wand is identical to our XTreme-XTraction™ Single Jet Carpet Wand, but is shorter in length to allow it to be easily used on stairs.

This wand is suitable for use with all Daimer carpet cleaners.

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The 12" Patented, Adjustable Single Jet Stair Wand is built for durability and long lasting results. This model includes an adjustable 12" head designed to provide 60% more suction by creating a tighter seal than other wands on the market. This tool is light weight and chemical resistant, to help protect against corrosion.

The 12" adjustable single jet carpet wand is suitable for use with all Daimer carpet cleaners.

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