The 4" Upholstery Wand is the ideal tool for those looking to use carpet cleaners for interior auto detailing and upholstery cleaning. This stainless steel, single jet upholstery wand harnesses the power of XTreme Power® carpet cleaners for cleaning upholstery, furniture, seat cushions, foot wells, automobile floors, and other hard to reach areas.

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Daimer's 4" Upholstery Wand is the ideal tool for superior upholstery cleaning and detailing the interior of vehicles. As a main accessory for those utilizing the power of carpet cleaners in the auto detailing industry, this upholstery wand helps clean hard to reach crevices between seats and cushions, as well as clean foot wells, other upholstered areas within vehicles. Hotels, restaurants, and many other businesses with upholstered furniture can also benefit from the versatility of pairing this upholstery wand with Daimer's robust XTreme Power® carpet cleaners. Constructed from durable stainless steel, this wand is built to withstand tough cleaning applications.

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