The upholstery nozzle is used in conjunction with the steam vac nozzle. The attachment makes cleaning upholstery such as furniture, curtains, and bedding much simpler and can easily eliminate tough stains while vacuuming away the remaining debris. This part comes in a 2-pack. (For 500/1000/3000/5000 series KleenJet® steam cleaners)

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The upholstery nozzle is a tool used in conjunction with the steam vac nozzle. It makes cleaning curtains, narrow spaces of carpets, furniture, mattresses, and various other surfaces much easier. It can eliminate stains such as ink, liquids, and dirt while vacuuming the remaining debris. The upholstery nozzle can be used with the KleenJet® 500, 1000, 3000, and 5000 steam cleaner models.

The upholstery nozzle comes in a 2-pack.

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