Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines - Steam Cleaners

Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines - Steam Cleaners
5 Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines - Steam Cleaners
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Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines for Home, Commercial and Industrial Applications

Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines

Ceramic tiles have become increasingly popular over past few decades. More and more people are using ceramic tile for home flooring, office flooring, retail stores flooring, hotel flooring, hospital flooring, etc. due to their easier maintenance and cleaning features. Grout as we all know is the mixture that is filled between ceramic floors tiles (mosaic tiles or any other tile in bathrooms and kitchens) and also under tile bases during installation.

The secret to good looking floor tiles is great looking grout without dirt within it. But over a period of time, grout gets dirty due to spills and dirt, etc. ruining the beauty of our bathroom and kitchen floors. In restaurants too, food particles, smoke and more deposit on wall tiles and floor tiles. Grout even creates harmful effects if not cleaned properly as harmful microbes can find shelter within it. Ugly grout also creates a bad impression on visitors and customers. Often, grout creates an image of an unclean environment and in the case of restaurants an unclean kitchen; this can negatively affect the revenue and profits of a restaurant or food service establishment.

Effective Way to Clean Grout

Until now the most popular method of cleaning grout was by scrubbing it using a brush and a cleaning solution. This process is not only tiring, but also ineffective and messy. But you don't need to follow this manual grout cleaning process anymore.

Daimer brings to you steam cleaning machines and steam vacuum cleaners that are very effective for cleaning tile and grout. Our steam grout cleaning machines do not use any harmful chemicals to clean grout. This advanced, patented steam cleaning equipment helps clean tile and grout using steam under pressure in most cases, but often an environmentally-safe cleaning solution is required to increase cleaning power and help accelerate the grout cleaning process.

High pressure steam in conjunction with a safe, green cleaning chemicals help liquefy and soften the dirt embedded within the grout that can then be wiped cleaned or else vacuumed. The loosened dirt must be wiped away or vacuumed quickly before it settles back into the grout; this condition is known as "dry back".

Hundreds of thousands of Daimer customers purchase either conventional steam cleaners without vacuums for cleaning tile and grout, and then wipe away the dirt after vapor steam cleaning, or else buy steam vacuum cleaners to steam and vacuum the dirt and particles

Daimer's steam cleaning machines or grout cleaning machines are used often by homeowners, businesses, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurant, commercial food service, non-commercial food service, government, and many other institutions and markets.

Janitors, janitorial service providers, and commercial cleaning contractors use our janitorial equipment to clean bathrooms and kitchens in educational institutes, hotels, restaurants, homes, boarding schools, and more. Grout can be cleaned within the following types of tiles: bathroom tiles, ceramic tile cleaning, natural stone tiles, floor tiles, ceramic floor tiles, tile flooring, mosaic tiles, Mexican tiles, Florida tiles, ceramic tile flooring, Italian ceramic tiles, granite tiles and much more. Grout cleaning machines are great for commercial applications as well as home use. Another benefit of tile grout cleaning machines is that it saves you the cost of renovating flooring, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and flooring, bath tubs, etc.

Benefits of Daimer's Grout Cleaning Machines

Steam Cleaners with Advanced Features: You can easily help clean grout on your tile flooring using Daimer's commercial vacuum steam cleaner. Janitors use our machines as they come with unsurpassed grout cleaning power. Further, all Daimer's steam cleaners use patented, TrueTemp™ steam cleaner technology. These grout cleaning machines also include a detergent ejection feature and continuous-refill for all day cleaning without the need to stop, refill, and reheat.

Many Cleaning Jobs in Less Time: Cleaning tile and grout with advanced steam cleaner technology can help you clean houses and commercial facilities much faster and more effectively than manual cleaning methods. You can even use the same grout cleaning machine to clean sealed hardwood, vinyl, marble, most hard surfaces, stove tops, refrigerators, grills, bathrooms, showers, carpet spots, and so much more.

Disinfects Effectively: Steam cleaners can help to more easily remove soils with penetrating action. The vapor steam penetrates the grout pores to help remove soap scum, mold, mildew, algae, grease, oil, and lime deposits. Vapor steam is safe for daily cleaning, and is very effective to remove stubborn dirt while disinfecting your flooring and walls.

Harmful Chemical-Free: Daimer's grout cleaning machines offer cleaning without harmful chemicals, thus eliminate toxic substances from contaminating surfaces and indoor air quality. So, they are safe for use in food industry. Grout cleaning machines use non-acid cleaners and specially designed grout cleaning attachments for effective cleaning. They are perfect EPA friendly, environmentally-safe steam cleaning machines.

High Pressure: Daimer's grout cleaning machines exert high pressure, dry vapor steam, which is excellent for tile and grout cleaning, cleaning corners and edges in toilet areas, bath tubs, and swimming pools. The steam cleaning machine sprays and helps clean even some of the most porous surfaces safely.

Exclusive models for grout cleaning: Daimer's KleenJet® Supreme 3000CV is one of our most popular commercial steam cleaners also designed for powerful tile and grout cleaning. Other popular models are the Ultra 5000CV, Mega 1000CV, Mega 500V, Ultra 1500C, Pro Plus 300CS and Pro Plus 200CS. All are ideal steam cleaners and offer various temperature and pressure ratings to clean tile, grout, marble, and many more surfaces.

Uses/Applications of Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines

Cleaning Contractors: Cleaning Contractors can use our tile and grout cleaning machines to clean hotels, restaurants, offices, stores, bathrooms, floor surfaces, etc. Daimer offers better, faster, and more powerful grout cleaning machines than other brands in the industry. Clean grout and tile means satisfied customers and more business.

House Cleaning: Grout is porous and, as a result, can easily absorb grease, dirt, and more making the tile appear unattractive and ugly. If you are a homeowner you can save flooring renovation costs by cleaning grout and tile around toilets bowl, bath tubs, sinks, and so much more.

Hotels & Motels: Grout cleaning machines are used to clean & restore bathrooms, lobbies, floors. Hotel owners and property managers can save thousands using steam cleaning machines for cleaning tile and grout.

Other industries: Grout cleaning machines are also used in educational institutions, hospitals, resorts, spas, inns, and virtually countless other markets to clean grout, spot clean carpets, kitchens floors and walls, etc.

We encourage you to consider Daimer's vapor steam cleaners for most tile and grout cleaning tasks. Consider our Super Max® steam pressure washers for restaurant kitchen tile and grout cleaning if you seek fast quarry tile and grout cleaning power. Our XTreme Power® HSC 13000 and 14000 hard surface cleaning systems with patented motorized spinning technology are excellent tile and grout cleaning systems in cases where large surface areas need to be cleaned quickly and effectively; the systems clean and extract simultaneously.

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