Are You Equipped To Handle Trailer and Truck Washing?

Trucks are the lifeline of many industries. They move goods and help people in all parts of the country to access merchandize. They help in the process of relocation, and are used in mining and other industries for carrying waste material and other substances.

In short, a truck works in rough conditions. While trucks are designed to be robust, without proper maintenance, their lifespan is reduced. Cleaning trucks interior or exterior is an important part of maintenance, which ensures that dirt does not corrode parts, clog drain holes, or disrupt the functioning of electronic systems.

Then, there is also the aspect of sanitation. Regulations require that trucks be cleaned to a certain standard. That is why there is much demand for truck washing services. Contractors offering truck or trailer washing should first equip themselves with the best truck wash equipment to build a large clientele.

Why Is Hot Water Truck Wash Equipment Preferred?

Trucks carrying farm produce may be sullied with stains, mud, gravel, and so on. Trucks in mining and heavy equipment industries carry substances that leave sand, dust, grease, and other dirt on the truck. The doors of trailers and the truck bed are especially dirty. The sides of the trailer are full of soot and oils. The tires get dirty with mud, insects, and plant sap, and the engines with grease from burned hydrocarbons.

Refrigerated trucks will need special cleaning equipment. Refrigeration mechanisms may leak oil, so it is best to use hot water to remove the grease easily. Grease from trailers is removed quickly, if hot water is used, and this is why Daimer® offers such a wide range of truck pressure washing systems with heating capabilities. Chassis, wheels, and engine parts are cleaned using this type of grime removal equipment.

How Are Truck Interiors Cleaned?

Cleaning truck interiors requires different types of equipment. Note that all truck wash machines should ideally be mobile, unless you are sure that you won't have to carry the machine onsite for cleaning. Mobile wash trailer cleaning machine also includes steam cleaners, which use dry steam to clean surfaces, such as door handles, plastic surfaces, dashboard, mirrors, windows, and so on. Cleaning the driver's cabin is largely done with a dry steam cleaner.

Windows, door jambs, and dashboard are effectively cleaned with dry steam equipment. These surfaces are grimy with frequent handling and carry germs, which is why using the right equipment is necessary. Some dry steam machines are also capable of eliminating bacteria, and they are suitable if near total sanitation is required inside trucks.

Mobile truck wash equipment also includes upholstery and carpet cleaning machines, with option of inline heating. These machines are used for cleaning fabric upholstery inside drivers cabin, and their ability to heat water in as little as 5 minutes makes them suitable for cleaning out fabric upholstery as well as rugs, if any. Another feature is low flow rate, which enables faster upholstery drying. These machines are sold with an upholstery wand, and can optionally use a carpet wand.

Daimer®'s pressure washers, steam cleaners, and carpet cleaners are among the best cleaning tools, and they offer great value for contractors and auto detailing businesses looking to make a profit through truck exterior and interior cleaning.

Truck and Trailer Washing Equipment

5 Truck and Trailer Washing Equipment
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XTreme Power XPH-5900i
Retail Price: $2,987.00
Special Price: $2,092.00

The XTreme Power® XPH-5900I is a highly popular commercial carpet steam cleaner.

Carpet Upholstery Tool

  • Pressure: 170 PSI
  • Temperature: up to 210ºF
  • Solution Tank Size: 4.5 gallons
  • Air Flow: 100 cfm


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Commercial / Industrial Grade
Super Max 12820
Retail Price: $8,889.00
Special Price: $6,045.00

Commercial / Industrial Grade
The Super Max™ 12820 is a tri-mode high-powered industrial pressure washer machine that can be used independently as a cold water, hot water, or steam system.
  • Pressure: 1500 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 3 GPM
  • Steam Temperature: up to 330ºF
  • Standard Power Method: electric: 220V-240V, single phase, 60 Hz

XTreme Power XPH-5900IU
Retail Price: $2,916.00
Special Price: $2,042.00

 The XTreme Power® XPH-5900IU commercial, heated upholstery cleaning and auto detailing machine features.

  • Pump Pressure: 170 PSI
  • Temperature: up to 210ºF
  • Solution Tank Size: 4.5 gallons
  • Air Flow: 100 cfm


Commercial / Industrial Grade
Super Max 12500 PE
Retail Price: $20,847.00
Special Price: $13,438.00

Commercial / Industrial Grade

The Super Max™ 12500 PE is a tri-mode system that can be independently used as a cold water pressure washer.

  • Pressure: 3000 psi
  • Flow Rate: 5 GPM
  • Temperature: Up to 330ºF
  • Power Method: 20HP Propane engine


Commercial / Industrial Grade
Super Max 12880
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Please call us at 1-800-471-7157.

Commercial / Industrial Grade
The Super Max™ 12880 is a super powerful tri-mode commercial industrial gas pressure washer with the same performance specs.
  • Pressure: 3000 psi
  • Flow Rate: 5 GPM
  • Temperature: up to 330ºF
  • Motor Size: heavy duty 18.0 HP gasoline engine

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