Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaners

A commercial steam cleaner is an excellent tool for cleaning numerous surfaces and fabrics. While there are a variety of steamers on the market, there are several things in common concerning the operation of these machines. First, you must fill the tank with the desired amount of water. The next step is to turn on the machine and allow the water to heat up to 386°F depending upon the model.

This can take several minutes. Once heated, you may begin using the equipment for your cleaning purposes. It may be necessary to refill the water tank throughout the process depending on the size of the area you are treating. Lastly, it is important to turn of the commercial steam cleaner and let it return to a normal temperature prior to putting it away.

Features of Advanced Commercial Steam Cleaners

Daimer's commercial steam cleaners are some of the best cleaning equipment on the market today. These machines are exceptional at lifting stubborn stains that most other machines leave behind. There are an assortment of benefits to owning one of these products, which include their advanced technology, durability, reliability, functionality, and the use of all-natural cleansers. These benefits work towards enhancing the user convenience and overall efficiency of the cleaning process, setting Daimer® apart from its competitors. Let's look at how.

With maximum temperatures of 386°F on Daimer®'s top industrial steam cleaner models, dry vapor steam emitted from KleenJet® models dissolves dirt, residues, and other deposits more readily than many systems on the market. In addition, many KleenJet® models boast attached vacuums to simultaneously extract the dissolved residues while cleaning to greatly ease and speed-up cleanup.

Daimer® also offers a number of advanced technology to enhance the cleaning power of any KleenJet® floor steam cleaner. For example, ATIS® (Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™) is a popular, beneficial technology that kills more than 99% of many harmful bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms - turning powerful KleenJet® steam cleaners into anti-bacterial machines.

HEPA filtration is yet another added feature available on select Daimer® models. This technology filters out dust and dirt as small as 3 microns and deposits these particles in water for easy removal, so that they are no introduced back into the air. This is a particularly essential feature in industrial cleaners for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Well-Crafted Commercial Steam Cleaners

We are the largest producer of commercial steam cleaners and steam cleaner machines worldwide. As a result, you can rest assured that we know the industry and know how to create quality products that will last throughout even the most demanding applications. We want to give our customers the best values on the web so browse through our entire line of equipment and discover all of the items we can supply you.

Other Applications: Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaners

Do you want something that will improve the look of your carpet? Then we suggest checking out our commercial vacuum cleaners. These are some of the most effective and powerful vacuums on the market today. You will not be disappointed by the results of using this machine. Our goal is to continually innovate and ensure that our products are as advanced as current technology allows.

The commercial vacuum cleaners you purchase from us will lift nearly every loose and embedded particle in your rug, leaving it cleaner and fluffier than ever before. So take some time on the website to search through our merchandise and see what we can bring you.

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Commercial Steam Cleaners

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KleenJet Mega 1000CV - 33% Discount
Commercial Grade Steam Cleaner
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Commercial Steam Cleaners

Commercial Steam Cleaners

Daimer Commercial Steam Cleaner Machines

				KleenJet Pro Plus 200S Commercial Steam Vapor Cleaner
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 22, 2014
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The KleenJet® Pro Plus 200S is a power-enhanced steam vapor cleaner that creates steam temperatures as high as 310°F, which it can reach in approximately 15 minutes.

  • A DAIMER® EXCLUSIVE & OUR LATEST TECHNOLOGY! The cleaning industry's only EPA-Compliant steam cleaning machine, including a 100% stainless steel casing.
  • The canister based Pro Plus 200S features a professionally polished, stainless steel housing with a capacity of 4 liters.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty on the 100% stainless boiler.
  • The pressure level of the commercial-grade, rugged vapor steamer can reach a high of 75 PSI. 


  • Daimer®'s heavy-dutycommercial-grade detail brushes are 1/2 up to 8 times lower in price than other brands' brushes.
  • The quality is as good, if not better than any others on the market. We are supplying you with enough brushes to last for a long, long time.
  • Buying a steam cleaner without knowing the pricing of detail brushes in advance can cost you hundreds of dollars later.
  • Some people are often in shock to discover brushes can cost a fortune (up to $20 each!) from other brands, but unfortunately they find out when it is too late.
  • Click on the image below and view a truly revealing video.

Steam Cleaner Brushes

				KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS Commercial Steaming System
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 22, 2014

The KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS is a canister based vapor steaming system generating steam temperatures up to 310°F within just 7 minutes.

  • ***100% EPA-Compliant like our other Daimer® models! Unfortunately, other brands are non-compliant!

  • The durable, reliable equipment comes with a 2 liter boiler and a 2 liter water chamber. The stainless steel boiler carries a lifetime warranty.
  • Given the pressure levels reaching a high of 75 PSI, the Pro Plus 300CS can handle multiple cleaning applications, be it commercial or residential.
  • The most popular machine in its series also features Daimer®’s Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology™ that makes the cleaning process quick by ending the need to shut down, refill, and reheat the equipment. The technology improves productivity to a great extent.

FREE - 10 Detail Brushes!

				KleenJet Mega 500V Commercial Steam Cleaner
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 22, 2014

The KleenJet® Mega 500V is an EPA-Compliant steam vacuum cleaning system offering temperatures as hot as 310°F in almost 15 minutes.

  • The advanced steam vac cleaner is equipped with a 4 liter, stainless steel boiler, which comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It offers excellent pressure levels of up to 75 PSI.
  • The multipurpose machine offers better cleaning results than other brands’ steam vacuum machines in the industry.

FREE - 10 Detail Brushes!


				KleenJet Mega 1000CV Commercial Steam Cleaning Equipment
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 22, 2014

The KleenJet ® Mega 1000CV is a popularly purchased and industry's highest powered steam vacuum cleaning equipment with one 110V cord. It generates temperatures as great as 356°F within approximately 15 minutes.




  • The high tech steaming machine includes a 4 liter boiler and a 3 liter water chamber. Daimer® provides a lifetime warranty on the boiler.
  • Reaching pressure levels as high as 105 PSI, the 1000CV cleans some of the most difficult to clean surfaces with ease.
  • New, enhanced vacuum with exclusive water capture and more.
  • The system's Continuous Refill functionality helps improve user productivity and offers added convenience. The technology allows the addition of water even when the equipment is in operation.

				KleenJet Supreme 3000CV Powerful Commercial Steam Cleaner
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 22, 2014

The EPA-Compliant KleenJet® Supreme 3000CV is one of the world's most powerful steam vacuum systems other than 5000CV with dual 110V power cords. It offers outstanding temperature levels reaching a high of 364°F in 15 minutes.

  • The technologically superior machine has a total capacity of 11 liters, which includes a 4 liter water chamber and a 5 liter, lifetime warranty, stainless steel boiler.
  • The pressure levels of the steamer system reach as much as 115 PSI.
  • Daimer® equips the machine with its exclusive technologies for enhanced performance. The 3000CV features the Continuous Refill Non-Stop Steam™ technology offering high-pressure steam for hours.

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				KleenJet Ultra 5000CV Commercial Grade Steam Cleaner
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 22, 2014

The KleenJet® EPA-Compliant Ultra 5000CV, the highest-powered 110 volt industrial steam vacuum cleaner in the world, offers temperature levels to a superb 369°F for superior vapor cleaning results.

  • The Ultra 5000CV features a 10 liter, stainless steel boiler and a 10 liter water chamber. The boiler has a lifetime warranty.
  • The system offers a pressure level reaching 125 PSI.
  • Patented features, such as Non-Stop Steam™ and Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology™, are inherent to the system.

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