Car Exterior Steam Car Wash Machines

Innovation is a key interest at Daimer Industries®, a cleaning equipment and chemicals supplier focused on providing the highest quality, most powerful and most efficient products to its customers. This innovation that characterizes Daimer® stems from the growing need for the most advanced technologies to enhance the productivity of cleaning machines in commercial and industrial environments.

The auto detailing industry is one such environment that greatly benefits from performance-enhancing technologies. To ensure optimal productivity, Daimer® incorporates several degrees of innovation in its car wash products.

Cleaning Power that Does Not Damage Vehicle Surfaces

Traditionally, auto detailers used either conventional pressure washers or steam cleaners for car wash equipment. These two types of machines proved equally inefficient for washing vehicles. First, conventional pressure washers boast pressure levels up to and exceeding 3000 psi. Such high pressure levels can actually damage the painted finish of vehicles. Alternatively, their use of high flow rates, up to 5 GPM, used excessive quantities of water. This creates a significant problem for mobile auto detailers working on the grounds of their clients, where limitations may occur in terms of water availability or drainage facilities.

Second, steam cleaners use dry vapor steam to melt stubborn deposits, which must then be wiped away using a cloth. Cleaning vehicle exteriors with steam cleaner car detailing supplies results in excessive wiping that can actually scratch painted exteriors.

To counteract the pitfalls of these two types of machines, Daimer® introduced the unique Super Max™ steam car wash systems, boasting low flow rates for minimal water consumption and moderate pressure levels to clean effectively without damaging vehicle surfaces. However, what sets each Super Max™ car exterior cleaning machine apart is their use of high steam temperatures up to 250°F to soften and melt away stubborn dirt, mud, grease, tree sap, bird splatters, and other sticky or hardened deposits; these deposits can then be blasted away using the high-powered spray.

Advanced Steam Car Washing Equipment

To maximize the productivity of a steam car wash machine in an auto detailing setting, Daimer® has introduced most advanced technologies. Low Flow Technology, available in the Super Max 6120SCW steam car wash machine among other models, enables operators to clean effectively without using excess water. With flow rates as low as 0.5 GPM, water usage is kept to a minimum. This eliminates any risk of EPA fines due to improper drainage or excessive water use, as well as any negative impact of flooding.

High wet steam temperature is also characteristic of Daimer's advanced car washing equipment. As mentioned above, maximum wet steam temperatures up to 250°F provide users with the greatest cleaning power for quick removal of dirt, grime, mud, bug splatters, bird residues, and more. The quick cleaning action, afforded by the use of wet steam, drastically increases the speed of the cleaning process to heighten productivity in any auto detailing shop or mobile auto detailing business.

Quality Car Wash Products

When purchasing car washing equipment, quality composition is key. After all, the demands facing cleaning equipment used in auto detailing and mobile car detailing applications are tough. Daily use outdoors can place wear on any steam car wash. To ensure your car wash equipment endures such wear, purchase from Daimer®. Daimer® ensures that every model offered is comprised of only the highest quality components, including: stainless steel heating coils, powder-coated steel housing resistant to chips and corrosion, rugged trigger guns, durable pressure hoses capable of withstanding high pressure and temperature levels, and more.

Daimer® also offers a number of other car wash products for use in conjunction with Super Max™ car wash equipment. Namely, Daimer®'s Eco-Green® line of readily biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally-safe green cleaning products can be added to the detergent tank of pressure washers to enhance the power for auto detailing applications.

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Steam Car Wash Machines for Exterior Cleaning

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Steam Car Wash Machines for Exterior Cleaning

Steam Car Wash Machines for Exterior Cleaning

► Any machine using 100% electricity to power & heat the system is not powerful enough to clean a dirty car as well is as necessary for professional car detailing. Watch videos on the web to see very little cleaning of dirty cars!
► Daimer®'s Mega 3000CV and 5000CV (shown below) are the most powerful vapor machines using 110 volt electricity, but they are mainly for very light dirt or dust cleaning! Even 220 volt machines work the same way. Even water injection is not enough to help!
► Even if vapor machines could reach 180 PSI, which is completely impossible, the fact the technology emits relatively low moisture flow (5% or higher) makes it incapable of removing dirt by merely aiming the wand at the surface. (Even 20% water in the vapor would be weak at 200 PSI, if it was possible.)
Wiping is more challenging because the moisture content is lower, and paint scratching is more likely.
► The only technologies THAT CAN REALLY CLEAN the car exteriors in a way auto detailers expect are:

1. A vapor machine heated by propane or diesel oil (very little water runoff). The powerful heating system allows the system to exert the equivalent of 40,000 watts of electricity (using a vapor machine)!

2. A wet steam pressure cleaner, such as Daimer®'s Super Max™ models below (more water runoff, but much more powerful than any vapor machine heated by oil or propane) The 7000SCW is our most popular model.

WHY DO OTHERS ON THE MARKET TRY TO CONVINCE YOU all-electric (non-propane or diesel heated) vapor steam cleaners are real steam car wash machines? They simply want to sell machines, even though the are inappropriate!
We refuse to sell customer machines that will not meet their needs!
Steam Washers for Car Exterior Cleaning


Super Max 7000SCW
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

Daimer's Most Popular Wet Steam
Auto Detailing Car Wash System

The Super Max™ 7000SCW is a powerful auto detailing machine with pressure levels up to 1000 psi, flow rates of 2.5 GPM and steam temperature reaching up to 250°F. Such features are safe and effective for removing grease, dirt, grime, bugs, and more from vehicles.

Super Max 9000SCW
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

The Super Max™ 9000SCW is a steam pressure washer specifically made for auto detailing. With pressure levels of 1500 psi, flow rates of 2.8 GPM, and a steam temperature of 250°F, the 9000SCW effectively removes tough dirt and grime from a vehicle's exterior.

Super Max 6230SCW
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

Daimer's Super Max™ 6230SCW, which is is the only mobile car wash equipment of its kind for car detailing businesses, auto dealers, and others, is a highly powerful, 220-240V, 60Hz, industrial/commercial, low-moisture steam mobile car wash machine designed for car detailing applications. For users in North America and many other countries that need a 110-120V powered machine, see our Super Max™ 6120SCW. Both steam car wash systems are available in 50Hz as well for those who live in most foreign countries.

Offering a powerful 1000 psi of pressure, a low flow rate of only 1.1 GPM and high steam temperatures up to 250ºF, the 6230SCW cleans faster and with less energy than traditional pressure washers, and the 6230SCW will not harm vehicle surfaces. Daimer's car wash system provides immense cleaning power without the need for car cleaning or detailing chemicals or other potentially harmful car detailing products.

Daimer's car detailing mobile car wash is safe for virtually all vehicle surfaces, including engines, car exteriors, wheels and more, and is excellent to:

  • Steam clean engines - wonderful engine steam cleaners with low water flow for superb cleaning results!
  • Quickly remove dirt, mud, brake dust, bugs, salt, grease, oil, tree sap and more - eliminate troublesome substances better and more effectively than other car wash equipment and systems!
  • Even melt ice and snow - the hot flow dissolves ice and snow quickly, without the heavy and wasteful water flow of traditional cold and hot water car wash auto detailing equipment!

Prior to the development of the Super Max™ 6230SCW mobile car wash machine car detailing equipment, vehicle owners were forced to chose conventional pressure washers. Conventional pressure washers are highly inefficient as they use huge volumes of wasted water, at a rate of up to 5 GPM, and feature potentially paint-harming pressure, up to 3000 psi.

A high volume of water risks runoff that may flow down storm drains, unless you use a water capturing or recirculating system. Daimer's low-moisture mobile car wash produces only a mere fraction of the water flow!

Use Daimer's 6230SCW as your mobile car wash; it will be the only car detailing product you will need to effectively clean cars in a green manner. For the best mobile car detailing available, choose Daimer's Super Max™ 6230SCW. It is the best choice for your mobile car wash business.

Super Max 6235SCW
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

220 - 240 Volt, 50 Hz. Version for Foreign Countries


Daimer's Super Max™ 6235SCW is an auto detailing, mobile car wash pressure washer recommended for users in countries with 50 Hz power requirements. The Super Max™ 6235SCW features pressure levels of 69 bar and high steam temperature levels up to 121ºC. These moderate settings allow safe and effective removal of dirt, grime, and even grease from vehicle surfaces. Low flow rates of 4.16 LPM allow this machine to be used in areas where there is little water supply or a lack of drainage. With a 220V-240V engine, expect quality performance every time.

Super Max 7050SCW
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

220 - 240 Volt, 50 Hz. Version for Foreign Countries


The Super Max™ 7050SCW offers similar features to the Super Max™ 7000SCW, but in a powerful 50Hz configuration for international use. It puts forward pressure levels of 1000 psi (67 bar), flow rates of 9.5 LPM, and steam temperatures of 121.1°C to rapidly remove grease, dirt, mud, bird splatters, bug residues, and more from vehicle exteriors.

Super Max 6120SCW
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

Daimer's Super Max™ 6120SCW is a 110-120V, 60Hz, industrial/commercial low moisture steam mobile car wash designed specifically for auto detailing applications. For users requiring a 220-240V machine, see our Super Max™ 6230SCW. Both steam car wash systems are available in 50Hz as well.

Since this powerful machine features extraordinary steam temperatures up to 250ºF, pressure of 1000 psi and a very low flow rate of .5 GPM, the 6120SCW provides immense cleaning power without causing any harm to vehicle surfaces.

You can run the equipment for up to 10 hours straight in a completely mobile fashion using only one fill of a 300 gallon water tank if you mount one in your vehicle!

The Super Max6120SCW auto detailing steam mobile car wash machine is excellent to:

  • Clean engines - fantastic engine steam cleaner with low moisture for outstanding cleaning results!
  • Remove dirt, mud, brake dust, bugs, salt, grease, oil, tree sap and more - dissolve and clean substances faster than other car wash machines and systems!
  • Even melt ice and snow - the steamy flow melts stubborn ice and snow faster and with much less water than conventional cold water car wash auto detailing equipment!

Prior to the creation of Daimer's revolutionary steam mobile car wash equipment, vehicle owners were forced to choose conventional pressure washers. Conventional pressure washers are a highly inefficient method of auto detailing as they emit huge volumes of wasted water, up to 5 GPM, and potentially paint-harming pressure, up to 3000 psi. High water flow rates may result in water running down storm drains and potential EPA fines, unless you purchase water capture and perhaps recirculating systems.

Daimer's mobile car wash equipment offers much higher pressure and better flow to dissolve dirt and other substances from virtually all vehicle surfaces, including engines, wheels, car exteriors, glass and much more.

Not only does Daimer's Super Max™ 6120SCW provide the best car wash results, but this auto detailing equipment is the most efficient mobile car wash system available. This means savings for your auto detailing business. The 6120SCW mobile car wash equipment is so effective it does not require the addition of chemicals or other auto detailing products as do other car wash systems.

In fact, once you purchase this mobile car wash equipment, it will be the only auto detailing product you will need to wash cars quickly. For your mobile car wash business, choose the best car wash equipment available: Daimer's Super Max™ 6120SCW Auto Detailing Mobile Car Wash Equipment.

				kleenJet Supreme 3000CV Steam Car Wash Machine
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

The EPA-Compliant KleenJet® Supreme 3000CV is one of the most powerful commercial steam car wash machine in the world using 110V power. Steam temperatures of the machine can reach up to 364°F to provide high powered dry steam car washing for removing very light dirt and dust from cars.

  • The 3000CV offers a pressure level of up to 115 PSI.
  • The powerful steam vapor equipment comes equipped with a 5 liter, heavy gauge boiler along with a 4 liter water chamber. The stainless steel boiler has a lifetime warranty.
  • The Non-Stop Steam™ feature helps the machine emit high pressure vapor all day for non-stop cleaning.
  • The steam vacuuming system also comes with Daimer®’s Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology™.
  • Users can clean interior hard surfaces.
  • WARNING: Vapor steamers like the 3000CV and 5000CV or any other vapor machine on the market are incapable of deep cleaning fabric upholstery or carpeting. They lack carpet extractors' pressure (170+ PSI) and moisture (100% vs only about 5% for vapor) to clean powerfully. Vapor steamers are designed to clean these surfaces by using a towel wrapped around a triangular brush for simultaneous steaming and wiping.  See Steam Car Washers under Auto Detailing above to see true heated carpet extractors for powerful upholstery and carpet cleaning.

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				kleenJet Ultra 5000CV Vapor Steam Vacuum Cleaner
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

The KleenJet® EPA-Compliant Ultra 5000CV is the industry's most powerful and feature rich 110 volt industrial vapor steam vacuum cleaner in the industry. The steam temperature of this car steam cleaner can reach as high as 369°F to provide exceptional cleaning power for cleaning light dirt and dust off vehicles.

  • The Ultra 5000CV has a 10 liter stainless steel boiler with a lifetime warranty on it. The steam cleaner also has a 10 liter water chamber.
  • As the most powerful 110 volt machine, the KleenJet® Ultra 5000CV offers a pressure level as great as 125 PSI.
  • Advanced features, such as the patented Continuous Refill Technology™ and Non-Stop Steam™, ensure superior cleaning results.
  • Important: The 5000CV has the same limitations as the 3000CV and all other vapor steam cleaners in the industry. It is not designed to work like a carpet extractor, which offers deep cleaning of cloth upholstery and carpeting. Vapor machines can clean surfaces, but not deeply enough for most auto detailing professionals.

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